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  1. UPDATE in Post #17 - Anyone here familiar with MA's unemployment web site?

    I filed a claim (f*** COVID-19), they responded that they need some documents (it was in my Inbox in the DoU web site). Fine, I have the documents ready, I want to send them, but nowhere in that site is an option to upload anything and sure enough, the Contact Us button leads to a 404 page. Any...
  2. Fun facts about Amazon current shipping priority: order AR15 parts, you'll get it this week. Order iPhone Screen protector, wait till April 21

    Any screen protector. Does Bezos know something that we don't?
  3. Corona in Israel: Netanyahu ordered the Shabak (Shin Bet) to monitor citizens' cell phones for movement

    I know that there is a lot of "love" for Bibi Netanyahu among U.S. conservatives. Mark Levine is one of the most vocal pro-Bibi voices, blindly at times. It is very popular to compare Bibi to Trump (media is against him, the left is trying to derail him, etc). There are major differences though...
  4. If you're in the market for a new car, I suspect the next 2-3 weeks is what you've been waiting for

    Went to a dealer today for service. The place, which is usually packed on Saturdays, was like a ghost town.
  5. And just like that... city in Illinois uses the Coronavirus to heighten Gun Control methods

    Champaign IL Declaration of Emergency
  6. The one thing that pisses me off the most with Google Chrome - "viewing" .pdf files in web sites. Anyone knows how to fix that?

    There are many things that I don't like in Chrome (or Brave or the other Chrome "based" browsers) but the one that gets on my nerves the most is when a web site has a button to view a .pdf file (invoice, for example). Mozilla will ask you if you actually want to (download and) save it or simply...
  7. Stupid question: how / where do I sue Apple in small claims court?

    They are based in CA, I am in MA, I have an issue with them (well, my daughter does) about an expensive Macbook that has continuous technical problems, she spent way too much time in different Apple stores to try and fix, they replaced it, new one also has issues. Do I just do it in a small...
  8. Seriously, no one posted about Eric Swalwell fart on live TV, or did I miss this?

  9. Where do state troopers fill up gas in their cruisers and how do they pay for it?

    And I'm sure you'll be asking yourself why am I asking. Well, because a state trooper pulled into a Full Service only station where I happen to fix my cars, where gas is $2.74 a gallon. So is the state - meaning me, you - being charged $2.74 for this full service stop and would we be charged...
  10. One in ten Detroit residents have concealed carry permit - Tucker Carlson tonight

    In case you missed it. View: Part 2 will be tomorrow night.
  11. Anyone here ever used, or familiar with, Park and Ride lot in Sturbridge, MA?

    I was wondering if it's safe (for my parked card, of course :)) Thanks.
  12. What's the quickest, most efficient way for a homeowner to kill a maple tree?

    I have this maple "tree" (looks more like a bush) that hijacked a nice bush we have (it has purple flowers and smells really good, don't know what it's called). This maple tree basically took over somehow and grew in the middle of purple bush, climbing to crazy heights and most importantly its...
  13. Tulsi Gabbard sticks it to Hillary

    Don't you love it when: 1. Two democrats fight openly 2. When a democrat is not afraid to stick it to the establishment, AKA Hillary View: View:
  14. “Influencer” banned for life from Cathay Pacific after trying to demand business class upgrade

    Don't mess with Cathay Pacific. “Influencer” banned for life from Cathay Pacific after trying to demand business class upgrade BY BRADLEY WINT SEP 30, 2019 PHOTO: TRANSPORT PIXELS/FLICKR Time and time again, we hear about numerous cases of “influencers” trying to use their social media fame...
  15. Le'Shana Tova to all Jewish NES'ers!!

  16. If you ever needed a reason against government intervention in our lives...

    Nairobi lawmaker wants to put an end to farting on airplanes Nairobi lawmaker wants to put an end to farting on airplanes
  17. Which (free) credit monitoring are you using, if any (other than Credit Karma)?

    My family have been using CK for a few years but recently they (Credit Karma ;)) have been getting on our nerves. They email you an "alert": there are remarks on this account, someone added you as an authorized user to that account, some other 'scary' crap, etc. When you login to your account...
  18. EDIT: So is this just me, or does your Google Chrome (on a PC) won't open a link from Primary Arms?

    Received their daily email, clicked on this link - Chrome won't open it. Chrome opens everything else fine for me. Was able to open it without a problem in IE and Mozilla. EDIT: NM, it was U-Block, opened fine once I deactivated it for this site.
  19. Question about loading a pick-up truck's bed

    OK, forgive me if this is a stupid question, I never owned - nor loaded - a pick-up truck. I need to move my daughter and I rented a pickup-truck (most likely and hopefully it will be a F-250 supercab with 8' extended bed. There will be no furniture other than 4 chairs and a queen mattress...
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