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  1. Massachusetts Reforms

    Just day dreaming here, but my top reforms for Mass are: Restoration of county government Create state Electoral college system Term limits for state politicians and bureaucrats Politician's salaries reduced to $10,000 per year Overhaul of public records request process Shall issue and...
  2. 2004 F250 Advice

    So I am a CH away from getting an 04 F250 crew cab 4x4 V10 for a good price. It needs some body work and front end work (probably ball joints, tie rods etc). I have heard about the spark plug blow outs but not sure if this was only a problem on the 5.4 L tritons Its got about 170000 on it...
  3. Armed Socialists

    Sorry for MSN click but another story of socialists arming themselves to "protest" RKBA events. Gun-control initiative sparks face-off by City Hall
  4. Interesting Read, Protect Your Investments
  5. Racial Assault

    Mandatory pre-post search terms: "Angela Jones" "Angela Jones hammer"
  6. Need a Carpenter

    Please delete.
  7. New Leftivist Terminology: Woke

    New (to me) terminology to be aware of....."Woke" The left cant get over the fact that Mr. Trump is president elect, although this term seems to pre-date the election by quite some time....The contemporary left believes racism, sexism, islamophobia etc is present everywhere (including dark...
  8. Cult of obama

    Came across this.. a reminder of how creepy/Orwellian the Obama campaign was.
  9. 495 South Lately

    Has anyone noticed that 495S from 93 all the way to rt 2 has been a total grind during the PM drive over the last few weeks? It used to be awful until just past rt 3 but now it is a complete dumpster fire. I attribute the recent horror to solar glare and yes of course volume. But WTF man...
  10. OSHA Fines Firing Range

    Hi NES, After a keyword search of the forums I did not see this story posted yet. If you belong to a club with indoor ranges that have employees working there take note-
  11. LEO Scramble Rt 2 Today

    Ok so I performed my mandatory APA compliant research of the NES threads today and as a result feel confident enough that this isn't a "dupe". Does anyone know what the MSP and mutual aid police scramble was all about on Rt 2 E today about 430 ish?
  12. Banned?
  13. Streaming to TV Questions

    Hi NES, I want to cut the cable and am looking into Roku and Chromecast. The issue is we have DSL (2.88 Mbps download speed, 0.75 upload) My wife watches Netflix on her phone and occasionally has buffer issues. Our wireless router is in the basement.... Can anyone recommend one...
  14. Transfer in and out of MA

    Hi NES, I checked out the stickies for an answer but came up shy- Can I EFA-10 transfer out firearms to free states, and bring them back in (new EFA10) as I wish? I checked out the EFA10 "Transfer" option and couldn't get far as I didn't dare enter in my real information out of fear of, well...
  15. Car seat rail/mount extension

    Hi NES, I am looking for anyone who has experience with adding an additional 2-3 inches of leg room to a driver seat. I have seen homemade kits, and "professional" aftermarket parts (e.g. but have not found an application that will fit my vehicle 2014 Hyundai. Any help...
  16. 495 South/North commute

    Hi NES, I am curious, how bad is traffic most days from Rt 2 East down 495S past the Pike in the AM? From what I recall, it is busy, and halts around the Pike but isn't too bad. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Lank
  17. Geico Roadside Assistnot

    Hi loyal RKBA brothers and sisters, I was left high and dry in North Worcester Co. when I called Geico at 5 pm on 2 W (JUST GETTING HOME) when my Toyota when fubar. All the tow truck drivers in Shirley, Leominster, Harvard and Lancaster didn't want the fare. Is Geico junk? Two tow...
  18. Reason for CCW on Application

    Red cities and towns that fill in "Target and Hunting" on your application, please take note:
  19. C.O.P Default?

    I got a little depressed reading posts of people getting restricted LTC's.....I guess some things will never change. I have not made a Comm2a donation in a bit so I made one tonight and started review some of the cases in the courts (CIVIL ACTION NO. 15-11839-DJC) If the C.O.P. "defaults" is...
  20. A Funny for Today: AQ Sniper

    I thought it was good nuff
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