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  1. Christy Mihos will not be down for breakfast
  2. You can buy assault weapons in the mail, not. Thank god antis aren't as smart as they think they are.
  3. Bacon Dogs Are Here! Thanks, Oscar Mayer

    Searched, hope it's not a dupe. Yahoo! Shine - Women's Lifestyle | Healthy Living and Fashion Blogs
  4. Continental Home Loans Inc.

    Has anyone had any dealings with them and if so how was your experience?
  5. Midway has 10 rd. AR magazines in stock

    AR-Stoner Mag AR-15 223 Remington 10-Round Anti Tilt Follower SS Black Limit of 2 per person
  6. Fall River Herald Poll on proposed federal gun laws

    There is a poll in the on the Fall River Herald website. Lower right hand side. "Do you think President Barack Obama's legislative proposals and executive orders to prevent gun violence are reasonable or do they go too far?"
  7. Stripped AR lowers

    Would anyone know of a shop that carries stripped AR lowers, in the southeastern Massachusetts area?
  8. 307 Winchester Brass

    Probably a long shot, has anyone seen any 307 Winchester Brass at any shops in Mass?
  9. Employment Opportunity

    I have read posts of people out of work, maybe someone would be interested in this...
  10. A picture says a thousand words.

    This was in todays Standard Times: I may get flamed for posting this. But articles like this do not help the cause of hunting or gun ownership. I both hunt and shoot, but when I read articles like this, I...
  11. Shooting Mat

    If anyone is looking for a shooting mat, Midway has one for $24.99, got mine today, looks like it is worth every penny and more. It also got excellent reviews.
  12. A Citizen-led Constitutional Amendment

    Just looking for thoughts or opinions on this:
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