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  1. WTB Ruger 22/45 MKIV Lite

    Looking for a Ruger MKIV Lite with threaded barrel. Thanks!
  2. WTB AR Upper and lower parts

    I have a spikes stripped lower that I am looking to build up. Ideally a 16” barrel in 5.56 but might consider going 9mm. Also looking for parts to build out the lower. Let me know what you have! Also will take recommendations on where to source locally. Thanks
  3. SOLD Sig P239 SAS Gen 2 9mm $650

    Accessories: Factory tupperware, 5 mags, kydex IWB holster, kydex IWB mag carrier Location: Holliston, MA Transfer: FFL or FTF Price: $sold Contact Information: PM Disclaimer: All laws, federal, state and local, will be strictly followed Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with...
  4. WTS SA 1911 Loaded with C-More - $850 - open to trades

    Description: Started it's life as a Springfield 1911 Loaded in .45. I had Dave Santurri tune the trigger to a crisp ~3lb, add the C-more sight, comp, and the extended slide racker. Accessories: none Location: Holliston, MA Transfer: FTF E-FA10 Price: $850 - open to trades Contact...
  5. Roofer Recommendation - MetroWest

    Have a leak that I have been letting go too long and most likely need the roof replaced this year. Any recommendation in the MetroWest area for a roofer? My quick math is about 2,000sf in roofing material, anyone have one done recently and want to share the cost? Thanks!
  6. WTS Guitar, Amp, Effects Pedals, Pedal Board

    I am giving up my dream as a rock star and putting the $$$ into other hobbies. I am selling the following: Fender American Strat: $850 Purchased in 2003. Some scratches on the back side as shown in the pictures, otherwise in excellent condition. Includes everything show in the pictures...
  7. WTB Colt or Dan Wesson Commander in 45

    Looking for an all steel 1911 Colt Commander or something like the Dan Wesson V-Bob. Must be a 4.25" barrel, 45 ACP, and all steel frame/slide. Ideally looking for a blued gun vs stainless though let me know what you have. No interest in Ruger, Remington, S&W, RIA, etc.
  8. WTB Sig P220 SAO

    Looking for a sig p220 single action. Not interested in a DA/SA. Tired of waiting for the legion to be released so figured I'd see if anyone has a safe queen they are looking to part with. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Arborist - Gypsy Moth Spraying in Holliston

    Anyone recommend someone who can spray for gypsy moths in Holliston? A few of my trees are covered in eggs and I am starting to see larvae. Or anyone have recommendations what to buy and how to do it yourself? Thanks!
  10. Target Stand Recommendations

    Looking to get a few steel target stands for use in pistol pits. Something like the following:
  11. Sig P226 RX SAO - Review?

    Anyone have or shoot a Sig P226 RX SAO? I am in love with my new legion P226 SAO and thinking of adding the RX to the stable. I brought my P226 Legion and new Glock 19MOS with an RMR07 to the range recently and realized I like the Sig with the SAO trigger so much more. Any feedback is...
  12. WTB AIWB Holsters and Revolver Holsters

    Looking for AIWB Kydex holsters for the following guns and associated mags if you have it: Glock 26 Glock 19 Sig 228/M11-A1 Sig 239 Revolver Holsters - Open to different types, let me know what you have collecting dust! 3" K Frame 2 5/8" N Frame for S&W 627 UDR 2" J Frame
  13. Which reflex sight for G19 MOS?

    Looking for advice on what optic to pick for my G19 MOS. I have a lot of experience with a c-more 8MOA that I have on a 1911 so I have settled on something that is ~6MOA vs 3MOA and most likely a dot vs triangle. Right now I am close to pulling the trigger on the Vortex Viper for $220 vs an...
  14. WTB J/K frame holsters

    Looking for some j frame holsters to compliment my new 442. Figured I'd start here to see if anyone has anything that needs a new home. Preferably LNIB but interested in anything you've got. Also looking for a K-Frame holster to fit a 3" model 65. Thanks
  15. M&P 340 - Front Sight worth it?

    Not looking to start a debate on why carry XXX gun or caliber. Specifically looking to add a small DAO J-Frame to the collection and was originally thinking a 642/442 though now am wondering if the M&P 340 is worth it to get a pinned front sight that is also a night sight. Looking for...
  16. Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Any Recommendations?

    I am looking for a recommendation for someone to come in and refinish about 1100sf of white oak wood flooring in Holliston. The floors then needs to be stained and 2-3 coats of poly depending on the product. Anyone have an recommendations? Also, interested in what people are paying these days...
  17. WTB Sig P228 or M11-A1 Holsters

    Sig P228 or M11-A1 Holsters. Let me know what you have hanging around, IWB, OWB, shoulder, etc.
  18. 4-5" 357 for Target Shooting

    Looking for feedback from those that own or have owned a variety of 357s. I want to add a 4-5" 357 large frame revolver that can take a steady diet of 357 mainly for the range. I have seen all the posts recently of folks really liking the Ruger GP100s though have always owned S&W revolvers and...
  19. Gun Store - Springfield Area for Transfer?

    Been searching around the forum and couldn't find anything recent about a good shop in the Springfield area to do a transfer. Also, any shops worth checking out for someone who usually isn't in the area for handguns new/used and reloading supplies? Thanks!
  20. Pocket Carry - Which gun?

    First, I don't want to make this a caliber debate. I am interested in hearing from people that do pocket carry either most of the time or on occasion. I want to understand what guns people like that are actually easy to disappear in a pocket holster vs IWB. I have a Sig P938 that does...
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