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  1. Who's shooting, who's not shooting???

    Bought some steel plates, about four years ago, hung those outback today. Going to try to go to Harvard tomorrow afternoon.
  2. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Got both my orders just now. Wasn't happy about the UPS guy throwing them onto the porch, but they are here.
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Ordered 3/14, 3/15. Just got tracking numbers for both. UPS notification to deliver tomorrow for the order I placed on 3/15.
  4. For Those of US that are ESSENTIAL and NOT working from home

    Everyone is working, 24/7. Our department, along with a few others, are alternating weeks on/off. The big cheeses are working normal schedules. Ice cream and cake would be nice, since we still have to deal with the public.
  5. Target Sports Delivering Again

    I called Friday, spoke with what sounded like a very attractive female. She basically said, if one has an invoice number, you will get your order. But, she had no idea when it would ship. I was on the fence about the prime membership, mostly because I reload. If it said priority pack and ship...
  6. Prep of The Day Thread

    I would like to see someone try and steal my wife's chickens. She loves those sh*t machines, it would not be pretty.
  7. Target Sports Delivering Again

    If I am an "essential employee", does that make my order essential?
  8. Closings, Cancellations, State of Emergency, announcements due to Coronavirus?

    Watermelon wheat beer? Never heard of such a thing, this is going on the grocery list now.
  9. Baker State of Emergency

    I'm going with Wednesday.
  10. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Not sure who is still using the T, but reduced schedule starts tomorrow. With another reduction next week.
  11. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Haven't heard that one yet, still possible I guess. Regular schedule tomorrow for the T.
  12. Prep of The Day Thread

    I did, basically told her tough sh*t. She won't starve to death, the world isn't ending, the roads aren't closed. I reminded her all week, she yessed me to death. Figured this would be a good lesson. She called her mother five minutes later. Everyone knows the outcome of that call. We don't even...
  13. ammo shortage??

    One less now. I actually prefer the steel crap when I bring the kids and the wife.
  14. Prep of The Day Thread

    The eldest daughter didn't fall too far away from the tree. Got the call last night that she couldn't find food and whatever else at the store. She will be by later today to do some grocery shopping.
  15. Prep of The Day Thread

    The wife stocked up on the chocolate and junk food as well. The first thing opened was the chocolate and junk food.
  16. Target Sports Delivering Again

    You guys are a bad influence. Placed my first order just now. Didn't sign up for the prime though.
  17. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    We were told yesterday that the T will not stop service, wasn't even an option. There is a possibility of switching to a Saturday/Snow schedule.
  18. Deals and steals Code: WRAP15 for 15% off.
  19. Prep of The Day Thread

    Lol, nope, not even close. Try Jenny, Betty, Mary Kate, and so on. The chickens are not on the menu here, those are someone's pets. They get treated better than myself and the dog.
  20. Prep of The Day Thread

    The old lady brought home some more pet chickens. I think they already have names as well.
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