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  1. Feinstein the Hypocrite

    Clearly her life is more important than the little people's. Hypocrite Senator Dianne Feinstein has a concealed weapons permit - YouTube
  2. Not Worthy of News

    This is a good example of why every state needs a castle doctrine, and if this story were reversed it would've made national headlines. Of course, if the city had more social services, such as after school programs, and more entitlements, I'm sure that it never would've happened. They are...
  3. Woman Escapes Attacker

    I wonder why she didn't shoot this maniac.
  4. Email Deal / Shooting and Drinking

    Today I received an email from a company that usually sends restaurant and spa deals, but not today. Today it sent an email for a shooting and drinking excursion. Instruction on shooting an AK 47 and then dinner and a beer at an Irish pub afterward. Not that anyone here needs instruction. I...
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