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  1. This looks sick! -The Monster Match

    TMM 2013 Stage 6 Preview
  2. Mom fights suspension of 5-year-old son who brought toy gun to Hopkinton kindergarten

    Mom fights suspension of 5-year-old son who brought toy gun to Hopkinton kindergarten class - Check the comments...
  3. Home on leave, soldier thwarts Sarasota bank robbery

    SARASOTA COUNTY - When Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples returned to Sarasota this week on leave, he never expected to find himself using the combat skills he'd honed during four years in Iraq. read more...
  4. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  5. DPMS 308 Mags

    I'll trade you two DPMS 10-rounders for your 20-rounders.
  6. How do we get a piston AR?

    AR-15: Piston Pros & Cons
  7. 2010 New England Region IDPA Match, August 14-15- Registraton is open!

    There were two open slots on today. I took one of them...
  8. Best .308 Battle Rifle?

    In this century: KAC SR-25 aka M110.
  9. Moving From Massachusetts

    What happens if you change your residency before you have physically moved your stuff out of MA? What if I maintain a vacation home in MA? Do I need to switch my LTC to a FID for the long guns? Can you still possess a handgun in my home (but not carry it)?
  10. so i put my house on the market

    I'll be listing a house in Westford with 2+ acres (<300K), if you are interested being closer to NH...
  11. Looking to Buy a new Toyota "Update" read last entry

    IRA Toyota has the best prices and gave me a good deal on my trade in. Don't wait for the salesman to tell you what you are buying. Do your own research and get internet quotes...
  12. Show me your AK

    You'd never be caught with your pants down...
  13. FL - "Prankster" Shot, Killed By Off-Duty Officer

    They even made a sitcom about it. It's called "Cougar Town".
  14. Anvil Arms auction

    According to this FAQ you still have to pay $200 and the item needs to me already in MA...
  15. Anvil Arms auction

    I am going to be in the area on the date of the auction... That PKM legal in MA?
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