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  1. WTF? Ammo jammed my Glock

    Was at the range today shooting & halfway through a magazine full of WWB the gun wouldn't go into battery. I tried chambering it a couple times from different magazines but it stayed the same each time. Closer inspection showed that the case on the .357 SIG round was slightly longer than...
  2. Homeowner arrested for shooting burglar

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. Local MA ordinances that bar FTF sales & CCW

    This is a list of ordinances and bylaws in Mass. that outlaw activity that would normally be legal for a licensed gun owner otherwise. Many cities and towns have ordinances barring things such as carrying knives or discharging firearms, but this is for much less known violations. Amesbury...
  4. AWB Investigations and Prosecutions in Mass.

    Once every few weeks, someone wants to know whether or not the AWB is being enforced in Massachusetts. The short answer for you all is that it is being enforced, even when it involves an LTC holder (although in most if not all of these cases, there were other law violations in the mix as well)...
  5. SB 234 to change Florida's gun laws

    ...for the better. Among other things, would allow open carry statewide, and CCW in colleges and private schools. [smile]
  6. Spotted 5 Mass. compliant Glocks & some pre-ban Para mags in a free state FFL

    In my travels I came across these 5 Glocks in an FFL in Florida, and thought of all of the guys and gals stuck behind the wire in MA. They're all pre-'98 so they can go through a MA FFL, and they're definitely cheaper than they'd go for in Mass., so I thought I'd pass them along to NES members...
  7. Unusual concealment/carry methods

    I was browsing around online and read this: I think this could turn into a really interesting discussion. Whether a gun, a knife, a roll of nickels or something else, what's your most unusual or unconventional method of carry?
  8. 'Let children aged 10 have guns' – police chief

    From the UK Color me surprised.
  9. Cop recalls weapon retention fight with cop killer

    From The cop's nose and eye sockets were broken in this fight, but he didn't quit until he prevailed.
  10. Residuals of Police Occupational Trauma I found this read very interesting, specifically some of the references to "addiction to trauma." Thought it was worth sharing.
  11. Somerville LTC holder left gun at roast beef shop

    Did several searches but didn't see this one posted. What ticks me off about this is the guy honestly seemed to be trying to do the right thing by not carrying a gun to the (presumably heated) argument with...
  12. CT: Board of Firearm Permit Examiners member recent statements re: McDonald case

    This is an excerpt from the minutes of the July 22, 2010 meeting of the Conecticut Board of Firearm Permit Examiners. The rest can be seen at the link In short, one board member is saying he'll vote to issue a pistol permit to anyone...
  13. The Mass. Weapon Related Injury Surveillance System (WRISS)

    Thought this might interest a few people here. Among other gems:
  14. Unikorp body armor?

    Has anyone ever heard of Unikorp body armor? I took apart one of their vests the other day, the insert is several thin layers of what looks like fiberglass sheeting. It's less flexible than most vests, but very light and comfortable. I have the opportunity to get a good deal on one, but I'm...
  15. FL: `Stand Your Ground' works -- for criminals

    Read the rest of the story at
  16. ATF Firearms Trace Data report for Massachusetts 2009

    Found at the below link. Some interesting info, for sure, even though it's not a complete look at guns recovered in crimes in MA.
  17. MCOPA Executive Directors Report, July 2010...notice something missing here? You'll notice that there's absolutely no mention of H2259...
  18. Need help with CT law on shipping firearms

    Quick CT law question for anyone who knows. In order for a CT resident to ship a gun to an FFL in another state, under CT law can they ship it themselves, or do they have to take it to a local FFL to have them transfer it & ship it? I know that federal law allows it, but I think an FFL is just...
  19. List of little-known gun law violations that will DQ a Mass. resident from an LTC

    In Massachusetts, there are several types of convictions that will result in losing your LTC and/or being disqualified for life from obtaining a Mass. LTC. Many people know some of the more common ones, but there are some that aren't very well known. To keep things fairly short, I'm not going...
  20. Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez

    I did a search and didn't see this posted before. This man was a machine. [shocked] I can't believe how much he went through and survived.
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