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  1. WTS Glock 20SF w/Extras

    EDIT: 3/1/20 — Returned to OEM configuration. See new photo below. Will entertain reasonable offers. Thx. For sale is my Glock 20SF Gen 3 10mm. In excellent condition, low round count, excellent and accurate shooter. Need funds for new project. Here's what you get: -- 5 10 Rnd mags --...
  2. T Boone Pickens won’t be breaking up any more companies

    Legendary American oil tycoon T Boone Pickens dies aged 91 at his home in Texas | Daily Mail Online
  3. Replacement for Cable TV

    I know there have been some threads here on cutting the cable, but hoping to get some specific guidance for my situation. We pay around $250/mo for cable/internet/hard line phone (Fios). The Fios internet/TV/phone bundle is $140, then another $75 for services and equipment (4 boxes, multi-room...
  4. An NES Favorite: Wasp Nest Removal Help

    I’ve got a hive in a bird house that is right next to the house on a porch. I sprayed the crap out of it last night and killed some of them but woke up today and it’s business as usual for the bastards. I suspect because the hole in the birdhouse is so small that it’s hard to get spray into it...
  5. NH Non-Res Renewal

    Apologies if this has been ansewered somewhere, but does anyone know whether the renewal form is same as the initial application form? A quick search turned up the initial application form. I can’t remember what I did last time I renewed. And I am aware of arguments for and against having a NH...
  6. Ordering Firearm Parts While Using VPN

    This is probably obvious and old news but I have found that at least a couple of occasions a parts supplier won’t accept an order if the IP address through which the order was placed was foreign, generally due to a VPN. It doesn’t matter if the credit card and shipping addresses are U.S. or if...
  7. Square Aluminum Stock Local

    Anyone know whether there are any places in metro west that carry square aluminum bar stock (tubular/hollow, not solid)? Need rectangular 4-5”H x 2”W x at least 6”L. Any leads appreciated. If nothing easily sourced local, I can go online.
  8. More Main Stream Media Agenda

    probably a dupe but just in case: Time issues correction over cover story about migrant girl | Daily Mail Online
  9. Will CDC Declare Drownings a Public Health Crisis?

    Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under 4, CDC says | Daily Mail Online
  10. WTS 7.62 x 51, 6.5 Creedmoor, 357 SIG AMMO

    Location: Natick Description: I have a bunch of ammo that was for rifles/handguns I have since sold over the years so it is time to clean out the ammo cabinet. 480 rnds 7.62 x 51: 24 boxes of 20rd American Eagle 168gr OTM. These go for around $.90-$1.00 per round. I'll sell for $.75 per...
  11. School me on Angus King (Maine Senator)

    He’s running for re-election. Curious to hear people’s perspectives.
  12. Recommend me a new Credit Card

    I want to dump my existing credit card that I’ve had for years due to their anti-2A policies. Can someone recommend a good CC bank to deal with? I don’t travel much so don’t need points and don’t want product or services discounts. Prefer straight cash back homey (said in Randy Moss tone).
  13. WTB CZ 75 Shadow 2 or Tactical Sport Orange

    As the title states. PM me. Thx.
  14. Man gets his parts stuck in 2.5kg weight

    Please tell me I beat Zappa to this one.
  15. Question for IT Gurus re: Website Blocking

    My company has finally got around to blocking websites. NES is now blocked under "weapons" policy. Putting aside the idiocy of blocking a discussion forum, any work around other than complaining (which will fall on deaf ears) or using my phone? Curious as to how this stuff works.
  16. UK to Ban Advertisement that Promotes Gender Stereotypes

    Was on GMA this AM (wife watches). And of course GMA crew all smiles about it and no mention of how utterly offensive it is to our constitution. But they trotted out a couple of typical promoters of this in the U.S. Where's the ACLU commentary? Just wow.
  17. WTB FOUND! Glock 43

    Found. Thanks NES!
  18. Respond to Town Census?

    Calling all tinfoilers, what is the NES perspective on responding to a town census? The letter says that failure to do so may result in removal from voting rolls. In MA, I'm not sure I care about that since any non-D vote is irrelevant as we all know. Plus, if one is removed from voting rolls...
  19. Ideas for Playing with a PL-880

    Dumb title, I know. I bought this little radio and wondering what suggestions folks here might have for a noob who wants to do some air wave surfing, preferably also get my kid into it as well (and off the computer). All suggestions welcome.
  20. Clays Shotgun for Wife

    I know the answer but am going to ask anyway. Wife wants to join me for occasional trap shooting. Just us and our little auto clay thrower. I bet she would go a handful of times throughout the year. Trying to make it a family outing. I have an auto loader set up for me and I am left handed. She...
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