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  1. Sig P220C Mags

    I have a couple of these Sig P220 Compact mags available. $25 each - Brand New
  2. Hornady 223 Reloading Dies, Brand New

    Got a few different things I figured I'd try to sell since I'm not using them: Hornady reloading dies, none of them have been used - $35 each The 45 dies aren't actually available anymore but the 9mm, 10mm/40 and 223 are. 9mm, 45 and 10mm are sold.
  3. SOLD CZ Customs PCR 9MM - SOLD

    I'm selling my CZ Customs PCR. Basically brand new, and barely fired. Maybe 100 rounds through it. I bought it as a carry gun but it was a little big so in the safe it sat. $1,150.00 SOLD Comes with three 10 round mags, original tupperware and Grizzle Leather Holster Action job with...
  4. WTS 45 ACP Reloading Supplies and Dies

    2,100 Fiocchi Large Pistol Primers - $50 3,000 230 Grain 45 ACP Plated Projectiles (Mix of RMR and Xtreme) - $330 Bunch of 45 Brass there's at least 1,500 - I'm not counting it. - $50 Also have the Dillon three die set with carbide sizing die used but in mint condition. = $60 $450 for...
  5. Selling Off Roster Gun out of state

    If I were to sell an off roster handgun to someone out of state, and cannot find an FFL in MA that will do the transfer, because the gun is not on the roster, can I do it through a NH FFL? Or should a MA FFL be able to transfer out of state?
  6. Just another Paradise

    Clean up San Francisco’s streets, tourist industry pleads I got a chuckle out of it. You reap what you sow.
  7. Another good 2A essay...from an immigrant!

    How many times do people from other countries, other socialist 'Utopias,' need to tell the mouth breathers in this country how good we have it before they understand? Why is it the people that legally immigrate to the US from despot locales have a better command of the English language than...
  8. I don't even know how to title this Crap!

    Get a load of this:
  9. I'm getting a lot of Brass 'Flakes' lately

    I've been reloading for over a year now. Lately, I've been getting a lot of brass flakes or dust from somewhere in the process but I can't figure out where it's coming from. It seems to be most prevalent when doing 45 ACP reloads, but I disassembled my Sig 226 the other day and there was a ton...
  10. WTS Ruger SR1911 $650 Firm

    SPF Ruger SR1911, about 300 rounds fired. Comes with Wilson grips, two 10 round mags and three 8 round mags, Wilson Speed Chute (Mag well and mainspring housing), original box, rug and accessories as well as original grips and mainspring housing. $650 firm. I just don't shoot it enough...
  11. WTB CZ 75

    All set.
  12. It's Common Sense Invasion of Privacy

    I know this is nothing new, but the argument from Comey is all to familiar to gun owners. We need to have an 'adult conversation' about invasion of privacy and cell phone encryption. Everyone mocks...
  13. Lab Techs Required to Carry??

    So we had some friends over last night and the husband tells me that a friend of theirs who is a lab technician at Devens will be going through a six month basic training course and will be required to carry. Apparently this person has been at their job for several years and this is completely...
  14. WTB .22 Target pistol

    I'm looking for a .22 target pistol. I'd like at least three mags and I'd like to keep the cost below $400. I'm located on the North(ish) shore.
  15. Are Sordins Worth the Money?

    I'm in the market for some new ear protection. I'd like to go electronic this time. I would say I shoot more than a weekend warrior, but less than a competition shooter. I'm probably at the range range two or three times a week, both indoors and out, shooting rifle (AR) and pistol (9mm and...
  16. WTB Beretta 92 Mags

    I'm looking for one or two 92FS mags. Post ban 10 rounders, if anyone has any. Thanks Sorry, posted in the wrong place.
  17. Thoughts on Range Bags

    I've been using an old Reebok duffle bag, but it's starting to tear here and there and the zippers are starting to fail. I've been looking at range bags as well as "tactical" duffle bags. I'd prefer to get something US made. I was checking out the Tactical Tailor bags, and functionally I find...
  18. Has Anyone Tried One of These?

    I've been looking into a single stage (most likely the Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger) for decapping and resizing. I came across this on ebay...
  19. Is Country Pond Currently Accepting New Members?

    My wife is going to be getting her permit soon, so I think this would be a good opportunity to join a club. Country Pond is only about 10 minutes from my house in Merrimac. Though I wouldn't need it, I think this will be push me to get my out of state NH permit. Could probably use a sponsor...
  20. Purchase Locally or Just order from Dillon?

    I've decided on getting a new XL650 and I was just curious if it's worth going to a local shop or if I'd be better off just ordering direct from Dillon. If pricing is comparable then I'd prefer to buy local. I'll be setting up for .45 and 9mm with an eye towards .223 in the future. Basically...
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