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  1. WTS 1903 Springfield /with Optic

    We have for sale a 1903 Springfield /with Malcolm high lux m73 g2 optic The gun was completely redone by James River Armory 99% Condition. Price $1985
  2. WTS British Enfield

    We have for sale a British Enfield Mark 3 Carbine .303 caliber 85% condition. $560
  3. WTS Springfield 1873 trapdoor

    We have for sale a Ruger M77 chambered in .270 win w/ BSA Optic Price: $675
  4. WTS 1873 Trapdoor

    Springfield 1873 trapdoor. price. $1425
  5. Ephesian Arms Grand Opening Tomorrow!

    Greetings NES community, The time is here, and our Grand Opening is tomorrow, Saturday September 21st from 10AM to 5PM, at 112 Tripp Street Fall River MA 02724. We would love to meet you all and personally thank you for all the support and patience you've had while the shop licenses came in...
  6. Finally...Our Grand Opening!!!

    Greetings Everyone! Although it's been a long process and several seasonal updates, we're letting you all know that our Grand Opening will be Saturday September 21st from 10AM to 7pm. There will be special sales for firearms, parts and accessories. We have been incredibly grateful for the...
  7. Kel-tec GSG shotgun inquiry

    Hello NES world, I was curious to know what you all think about the Kel-tec GSG shotgun and how many of you own one. We are looking at getting some specialty tools, breaks and accessories for it. It's a serious gun to what I've heard and I can't wait to get one out to the range. If it kicks...
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