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  1. Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson hands out cash to potential voters

    How can that not be considered bribery? I realize that he did it through his super special non-profit, but cash being handed to potential voters from a political candidate seems very shady.
  2. Methuen PD pay raises threaten to bankrupt the town

    That happens a lot more than folks probably realize. My wife is a teacher at a high school and they have the same deal in her town, union members on both sides of the table. It's actually in the board member's best interest to allow crazy stuff to go through, since they can then say "well...
  3. Florida woman shoots husband in testicles after he tried to take her air conditioner

    I'm gonna go with not guilty here, guys. Have you been in Florida in the summer? I'm pretty sure that the heat and humidity make her actions understandable, possibly even justifiable. :D
  4. Two Gardena police officers charged with illegally selling more than 100 guns

    "Ahem, a few bad apples....paid administrative leave....the officers decided to take an early retirement." Because they are members of the elite. Only LEOs have the necessary training and advanced knowledge to be able to safely handle and store these dangerous items. You can't handle guns...
  5. Alabama Tells NY & NJ "We're Not taking Any More Crap From You"

    Probably because Alabama ranks #49 in just about everything among the states. (Thank God for Mississippi, right??) They were probably making enough money that it seemed like a good idea. Tell me that this isn't a metaphor for our nation these days. NY and NJ literally crapping on...
  6. how to flush cut stainless nails

    What about one of these? It will take you a while, but no worries about sparks and you HAVE been living with the nails for 30 years already!
  7. Mugabe reported dead

    And it was a chance for our poor peanut farmer to help out another socialist. I'm sure Carter viewed it as a win-win.
  8. Salem MA now Sanctuary

    We live a town away from Salem and I finished my degree at SSU 3-4 years ago. I can assure you that it is a s-hole and I don't voluntarily go
  9. Call for ban on 'bump stocks'

    I'm trying to figure out why the **** I give the NRA thousands of dollars when they seem to be bound and determined to let the politicians turn this country into England #2. They are masters of compromise and they will support the ATF banning these stocks in a knee-jerk reaction. Jesus.
  10. Cat Poop Question (SERIOUS)

    We had an issue like that, too. Our huge orange male is actually pretty scared of almost everything. We got an automatic litter box that came with plastic "litter" that the machine would rinse and wash with hot water about 20 minutes after the cats finished and then pump the waste into the...
  11. Waterville man convicted of firearms charges

    Shipping guns to ROMANIA? How did he think that was a good idea? Whether or not you agree with making private business illegal, this guy wasn't the brightest bulb in the box.
  12. Cat Poop Question (SERIOUS)

    Are you sure he's actually passing the dropping outside of the litter box? We've got a few cats and one of the dumber ones will occasionally manage to kick a dried up leftover out of the litter box and then bat it around. The question about whether he is long-haired is a valid one, too. One...
  13. Death Penalty Opponents?

    I don't believe that the .gov should have the power of life and death over its citizens. It breaks my heart to hear about stories like this....I have to wonder just how ****ed the state agencies have to be that this poor little boy's abuse was reported time and again and nothing was done to...
  14. Cop Arrests Sobbing Nurse for Doing Her Job

    So, you're saying that you should be complicit in the illegal actions of the cop when he is trying to draw blood without a warrant? Interesting. How far do you carry that line of thinking? "Well, your honor, the police officer told me to inject the patient with the windex. I know it is...
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