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  1. WTS 45acp LPP Brass

    4️⃣5️⃣ acp LPP brass commercial indoor mixed headstamp wet tumbled only. 1k pieces @ 6️⃣0️⃣ TYD 4️⃣-5️⃣k available Pm me if you're interested PP F/F or add the fee
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  3. Precision Rifle Winter Blast!

    I use the Hornady app.
  4. Precision Rifle Winter Blast!

    Noob here too! How far are the furthest targets? Been trying to get my dope for my 6.5CM just so damn busy. I have access to a 500yd range, is that enough dope or you guys shooting further than that?
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    Picked this up a few weeks back with the idea of shooting USPSA Carry Optics... Never put a RDS on it. Shot bought 500 through it... Prefer my Shadow 2. Comes with all factory goodies and Tupperware. 5x Sig Legion Mags 5.11 Range bag and Sig Legion coin $850 EFA10 Transfer at my range in...
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    H&K Vp9sk few hundred rounds down the pipe. Comes with all factory goodies. I have both magazines. Efa10 Transfer In New Bedford, Ma at my club. All laws followed must have LTC $700 No Trades, No Shipping
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  8. WTS Withdrawn *Please Delete*

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    Price Drop $375
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