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  1. Duncan vs. Becarra (CA magazine ban case) -- Judge is awesome

    I think The 2nd attorney laid out a much better case and the Judges also seemed a bit mesmerized by her arguments.
  2. Treating your yard for ticks?

  3. State Record Lake Trout Caught in Northern New Hampshire

    Dude just CRUSHED a 62 year old state record:
  4. glock 22lr conversion kits

    ^^^What he said. I have had mine for about 15 years with very few issues. Use the recommended ammo, and it is good to go.
  5. Neil Peart has Died...

    If he wasn't your favorite drummer, he was your favorite drummer's favorite drummer. His drum solos were unique in that they weren't drum solos. They were musical compositions. RIP
  6. The eagles

    I was there too!
  7. Best EDC pocket pistol?

  8. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    The CBA negotiations will likely be a long drawn out affair with potentially a strike or a lockout. Owners seem set on adding 2 games to the schedule, and the NFLPA will not do that unless they get some other major concessions from the owners. Both Brady and Kraft could have agreed to take a...
  9. Pump action 12 gauge for pheasant?...

    They (KTP) also have (had?) a bucket full of used shotgun barrels for sale. They likely have one that would work with your Mossberg 500.
  10. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    In Stidham we trust...
  11. Slanted Toilet: Evil? or Brilliant?
  12. Pump action 12 gauge for pheasant?...

    I've found that 3" 20 ga with 1 1/8 oz #5 shot is nearly identical in knockdown power to a 12ga 2 3/4" high brass.
  13. Pump action 12 gauge for pheasant?...

    ^This^ I used a 12 ga Sears Ted Williams pump for many, many years and never lost a bird because of the gun.
  14. Glock announces G44 in .22LR

    A G19 in .22 View:
  15. Snowblower / small engine guys...

  16. Grouse in Mass...?

    I have hunted the Groveland and Georgetown for about the past 40 years. Last grouse I flushed was about 25 years ago in the Georgetown Rowley state forest. Not saying it wasn't a grouse, but it was much more likely a hen pheasant. Especially if you were anywhere near an area that is stocked...
  17. Kick ass dogs?

  18. How many remember when BCN ruled the airwaves?

    I thought it was at 4:20 on friday....
  19. Pheasant season eve

    I emailed them yesterday. No response yet.
  20. Pheasant season eve

    True, but Bare hill is (was) the main stocking area for the power lines on that side of the WMA.
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