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  1. Real Estate Question

    If someone sells part of his property to a neighbor, does he have to first pay off all overdue property taxes? Would paying part of the overdue taxes and using part of the sale proceeds for something else be possible? Would it be best to first discuss this with the town tax collector? Better...
  2. Western MA psychopath

    A friend has a violent ex, restraining order but getting NO HELP from police in the face of continuing harassment. The Pittsfield, MA police have warned her that, if she harms Jason Simpson in defending herself, she WILL spend some time in jail. Log into Facebook | Facebook
  3. Cold weather FAIL

    So I decided to brave the cold and get a little practice in. Drew my revolver, pulled the trigger as I came on target, and . . . NOTHING A fold of fabric from my glove had gotten inside the trigger guard, behind the trigger. Lesson learned - this is another way practice can save your life
  4. WTS STUDDED SNOWS 225/55R17 Like New

    Western MA (Cheshire) but will deliver as far as Belchertown, Barre area for some gas money Set of 4 Winterforce M+S (Firestone) tires. Only used a couple months. $400 for the set of 4 Cash or Postal Money Order Message me here or Text - 413-672-1699. If interested
  5. Free 9mm brass - Western MA

    I have a batch of once fired 9mm WWB brass - Adams, Pittsfield area. I am guessing 700 rounds or so. Interested, PM phone #
  6. Pittsfield MA shooting

    ***MEDIA RELEASE*** ****For Immediate Release**** Subject: Arrest of Shooting Suspect Authored By: Lieutenant Gary Traversa Authorized By: Chief Michael Wynn Released At: 20 March 2017 6:24 PM Today, March 20, 2017 at 12:36 PM, Pittsfield Police Dispatch received a call...
  7. MAPS - Know your hunting area

    Got up this morning to tons of crows in the woods right behind the house. Some ******* hiked 1/2 mile into the woods from a neighboring road and set up over a bait pile 70 YARDS BEHIND MY HOUSE JERK probably thought he was way back in the "wilderness"
  8. Scumbag attacks son-in-law

    Shocking news. Tonight, my daughter Tessa's husband, Nathan, was cold-cocked from behind and knocked unconscious, then beaten about the back of the head and shoulders and left, still unconscious, by the side of the road in the cold pouring rain. This from his oldest friend whom he has known...
  9. Selling ammo with firearm

    I was having a rifle shipped by a local dealer in MA and overheard him telling a customer that he can only sell ammunition to someone from out of state if he sells it with the firearm. 1) Is it true that factory ammo can not be shipped from MA to other states? 2) Can factory ammo be...
  10. abct3 New ammo design

    I did several searches, but haven't found a match, so I'm hoping this isn't a dupe. What do you guys think of this stuff? My only concern would be that might ensure hits but limit penetration. From "The Shooting Wire" : New Bullet For Existing Handguns And Hand-Held Firearms Denver, CO...
  11. TSA and returning soldiers

    I received this e-mail yesterday. It speaks for itself . . . Comments from a Soldier and leader:> > > > > > As the Chalk Leader for my flight home from Afghanistan, I witnessed > the following:> > When we were on our way back from Afghanistan, we flew out of Baghram > Air Field. We went...
  12. Beer drinkers' dream

    This really could be the coolest thing since sliced bread . . .
  13. NICE new Ruger

    For those of us who are not members of the Ruger website, This just in: Ooops - Link failed That should work better.
  14. Winter storm - WINNER

    My neighbor and I flip channels to see who exaggerates the most about the storms we often get. We have an early winner: The dingbat woman reporter on channel 5 News called this storm "Possibly one of the top 10 worst storms of all time." (I'd still hit that - hopefully she wouldn't say...
  15. ObamaCare

    Just got this e-mail . . . . .
  16. Ultimate Liberal Dingbat

    EDIT: OOOPS - This turns out to be made-up. Guess Obummer is still the titleholder. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The following post is taken from another shooting website. I knew that most of these liberal...
  17. A CAT for EC

    Eddie, I think that I finally found a cat that you will get along with:
  18. Shooting Wire article

    For those members who don't have an e-mail subscription to The Shooting Wire (It's free), I thought I would post today's defensive shooting article: FEATURE Don't Settle Aside from settling for substandard gear, don't buy high quality and then fail to train! Quality gear goes hand-in-hand...
  19. Ripoff Legal Advice wanted

    A fellow member on WeatherbyNation just posted the following message. I'm glad this didn't happen to me as I might not have been able to restrain myself. Any advice for this guy to get a quick solution, or is this doomed to a long battle in civil courts? "As some of you may remember, I had...
  20. Arizona's new game

    You KNEW somebody would make a game of this. Watch out, they are really FAST !!!
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