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  1. WTS Glock 17 U-Notch Preban Magazines

    SOLD - Selling 2 Glock 17 U notch magazines for $40 each shipped. Magazines have noticeable wear at the top, see pics, and price reflects condition. I shot a box with the magazines and they both functioned without a hiccup. Perfect for the range or competition. I need to see your Mass LTC...
  2. Attempted Hack

    I go an email from NES that someone failed multiple times to login my account. The IP was, arin search shows the IP is from Austrailia. I guess it's time to change my password to be safe. Did anyone else get an email on their account?
  3. Gunsmith for helicoils

    Hi all, I managed to stripped one of the threads in my Sig P229 grip. I tried repairing it with Loctite form a thread but haven't been too successful. Does anyone know of a gunsmith who can install M4x.7 helicoils? I would prefer to not go up a screw size unless I need to.
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