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  1. WTS Pre-ban Glock 22 gen-2. Immaculate condition.

    You won't find a used Glock in better condition. This is in like-new condition. This was fully restored by Glock Inc. Extra pre-ban 15 round mags available. Cases of ammo available. Location: Littleton, MA Description: -Fully refinished by Glock. -OEM night sights brand new 2017 -All...
  2. Poll re: assault weapon ban

    San Diego Union website. Right side
  3. Interesting find at the Old Medford Armory

    I made in interesting discovery the other day at work. Earlier this month our practice expanded into another office in Medford. Turns out the building was the old Medford Armory. Initially I took the elevator from the basement parking level to our 3rd floor office. It's a nicely renovated...
  4. WTS FS: 2011 Ninja 1000. Fully set up as sport-touring bike.

    Hate to sell her but life's full of challenges. For sale 2011 Ninja 1000. Black. 8370 miles. Excellent condition. $7000 - includes extras listed at bottom and OEM parts as appropriate. Included extras worth approximately $2000. This is the best balanced sport touring bike out there. Dealer...
  5. NJ Poll: regarding Drake case

    Article about the Drake case not being granted cert Poll: Should NJ gun owners be allowed to carry in public without having to show urgent need?
  6. Poll: Huff Post Do your thing. Two-parter Do you think gun control laws should be made more or less strict than they are now? Which comes closer to your opinion about laws making it more difficult to access guns?
  7. 300 through a 223 barrel

    300 Blackout through a 223 barrel. Saw this on the picture... originally posted on JCWeaponry's facebook page. I didn't expect this to be possible.
  8. Constitution Check article on Yahoo

    A good article regarding the cases trying to get audience in from the the US Supreme Court. Discusses the courts reluctance to hear cases regarding the "bear" arms portion of the 2nd Amendment. Culled from I'm glad to see a 2nd Amendment article on Yahoo's front page...
  9. Piers get the boot

    Hurray, Piers gets the CNN boot CNN to Drop Piers Morgan ? FTVLive
  10. Another poll. This one to change the 2nd amendment

    Amend the 2nd Amendment? Who should bear arms? This is their insane proposal... PROPOSED AMENDMENT: “Because a well-regulated National Guard and Reserve, and well-regulated Federal, state, and local public safety departments, are necessary to the security of our free states and our free...
  11. Philadelphia home owner defends his castle

    Hope it's not a dupe. Philadelphia father of two shoots, kills home intruder - U.S. News
  12. GOAL annual raffle

    I didn't see this posted before. GOAL Annual Raffle Our Biggest Fund Raiser! GOAL is running a raffle with the drawing on April 19th. Prizes: Mossberg ATR Night Train IV .308 rifle Savage 111 Long Range Hunter .338 Lapua rifle Mossberg Flex Series 590 Tactical 12 GA shotgun Savage 116 Bear...
  13. Blueprint for Action: Preventing Youth Violence in Minneapolis

    Does anyone here remember when Obama stood in front of the nation's TV cameras and announced his package of "Sensible Gun Control" measures including his nearly 2 dozen executive orders? The backdrop was Minneapolis and that city's success in reducing youth violence. He got in front of the...
  14. Challenges to NY's SAFE act

    Interview with James Tresmond, the lawyer challenging NY's SAFE act. He delineates his arguments I'm glad there are people like this on our side. Interview with James Tresmond, Lawyer Behind NY SAFE Act Challenge | The Truth About Guns
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