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  1. Mini Cooper Mechanic

    Hey, anyone out there have a recommendation for a solid mechanic work on a mini? Looking around the Nashua, Milford, Brookline, pepperell area. Thanks!
  2. G-Code INCOG holster: Experiences?

    It took them 10 weeks to get me the Incog for my Shield.
  3. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    I always use the belt, and just got the Banshee last month. I've had it out only once, so it would be the first 8 hr day with the plate carrier. The plan is to integrate it into the system and practice with it when running a rifle. What's the point of having the gear if you don't/can't use it...
  4. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    I haven't looked into this thread in a while. So I've got this Banshee plate carrier and I'm thinking about running it, with plates, through a Sig one day carbine class paired with my brokos belt and my AK. What do you guys think about running classes with a full kit? It seems like it's a good...
  5. G-Code INCOG holster: Experiences?

    I bought one for my Shield. It's a good holster for sure, but I found it to be kind of uncomfortable and I noticed that with more fitting clothes it printed like crazy, mostly due to the clip pushing my belt out. I ended up replacing it with the crossbreed appendix rig. It seems to be a lot more...
  6. Looking for something comparable to a Ruger LC9 for a left hand shooter?

    Does he feel strongly about the safety? I'm a lefty and I'm carrying a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm with no safety. You could also look at the Glock 43. The the safety is a serious concern, I think the Sig Sauer 938 has an ambi safety.
  7. Pilots - - Santa's Jepp charts

    That's awesome
  8. So how hard is it to obtain a Mass Non-Res LTC?

    True story. They're screening people through a metal detector now. I had to cough up up Spyderco when I went through. They were fine about it and gave it back to me when I came out, but it's obvious that they've upped their security.
  9. So how hard is it to obtain a Mass Non-Res LTC?

    $100 per year plus a yearly "interview" in Chelsea. It's a pain in the ass but if you're in Mass all the time I think it's worth it. Restricted vs. Unrestricted is totally up to them. Good luck.
  10. Chunky's Nashua reviews?

    I'm not sure I'd call what they serve "food." But they do have beer. [cheers]
  11. Hilliary Feels She's Untouchable

    +1 for making Lewinski a verb. [laugh2]
  12. They Might Be Giants?

    They are pretty much the only reason I know that Istanbul was Constantinople.
  13. What is the most valuable lesson you have ever learned in your life?

    Speak less and listen more. Don't be a dick.
  14. EDC Change

    Overall, I love my Glocks. I have a few minor complaints, because nothing is perfect, but for the conversation of iwb carry, the issue I have is the width. I'm transitioning to appendix carry and the G19 works ok but it's not super comfortable. I feel like a single stack would be more...
  15. EDC Change

    I'm just thinking out loud here. Why not?
  16. EDC Change

    That's kinda my issue. It's getting harder to fit a double stack handgun iwb in pants that actually fit. How do you like the trigger? I shot a friends and it felt a bit heavy. You're absolutely right. I'm just not that familiar with the gun and was wondering what how other people like it.
  17. EDC Change

    I guess I was thinking about a slimmer profile. I love my G19, and I've carried it for years but it's a little on the thick side and a good quality single stack might be a good option.
  18. EDC Change

    I'm thinking about changing my EDC carry from my Glock 19 to a XDs in 9mm. Thoughts?
  19. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    That's awesome. I've been wanting to make the ride up there.
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