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  1. Para Orndance LDA 1911

    if you or anyone you know has one, please get in touch with me. I'm building one from a SARCO 80% I bought and can't get any information anywhere on forums, from the manufactures, or from sarco. Everyone says "measure someone elses" - and I cant find one to measure. That sear pin hole is a...
  2. steel-framed S&W 1911

    No, not stainless. carbon steel. I know they've existed, and I know that I want one. The question is where do I find it? Are there model names anyone can help me out with? Any help is appreciated.
  3. hypothetical loophole around Healey?

    Here's a hypothetical situation: Let's say you wanted to form 1 a SBR AR15 in MA, but don't have the lower. What if you were to purchase one out of state, register THAT serial number on your form 1, wait the 11 months for your approval, THEN transfer the lower at a MA FFL. Will the ATF...
  4. green plates in MA

    So I am well aware of the "year of manufacture" plates, but am wondering if I were to buy a new (to me) car, is there any way I could use a green-lettered plate that hadn't been registered to me, previously, on a newly purchased car? Essentially what I'm asking is can you only register a car...
  5. Ithaca colt rollmarks?

    So after six years, I asked my girlfriend's father for his blessing on engaging his daughter this past Thanksgiving. He said he'd be thrilled to have me as his son. I'm thinking of making him a replica Ithaca Colt 1911 with his birthday as the serial number (and yes I know the sequence would...
  6. meat on a g19 slide?

    I'm on the fence about doing one of the polymer80 G19 frames when they come out in January ( and was thinking of using a Lone Wolf blank slide (
  7. WTB S&W PPK in MA - NOT a PPK/S

    Odd request as it is, I want a Smith and Wesson manufactured PPK - latest manufacture date possible. 380ACP. Let me know what you have!
  8. CHI-RAQ trailer

    Excited to see the collective thoughts on this piece of cinematic gold:
  9. educate me: US made plate carriers

    I'm thinkin' in preparation for worst case scenario SHTF, I might as well have a plate carrier. I try to buy American made products whenever possible. I know nothing about plate carriers and would very much like to learn what your money gets you. I see things from $79-$450 which is a really...
  10. North shore lathe?

    I'm looking to shorten a foregrip on a lathe on the north shore. I used to have one at my disposal, but the owner sold it. I don't need any instruction - should only need 15 minutes, 30 tops and will gladly beer you for your time. I'm not even cutting aluminum - it's polymer. This is the...
  11. Adams Arms piston under Parallax rail SBR.

    After getting banned for trolling, here is contribution to redeem myself (how do these "Infractions" scores work, anyway?) [troll] Before we get into this, I want to be up front and say I was well aware that the claim that this XLP Adams Arms gas block would fit under ANY free float handguard...
  12. Editing paper form 1?

    I got my paper form 1 back for a silly mistake I made and needed to edit. I sent it back with tracking and they've had it for 2 weeks now. Does anyone have any idea on the turn around on paper form 1 edits?
  13. Help a dummy out!

    So I'm building my LTC class A license holding, AR15-hating father an AR15 in 22lr for xmas. Because ar15 and because of the lulz. I bought a complete upper and needed to remove the bayo lug. I accidentally dropped and broke the cheapo front sight (faux gas block) and need another. I've...
  14. Local gun store ignorance?

    Today I was told by a man behind the counter that I could not purchase pre-ban magazines unless I possessed a pre-ban firearm. How common is this sort of ignorance? I didn't press the issue because they didn't have any anyway, but come on. Seriously? "Well do you own a pre-ban AK? Sorry to...
  15. cerakote over anodize

    I'm a big fan of these neato cerakote patterns - but have a type 3 anodized unbuilt unlubed receiver set. Can these pattern dealies be done over ano?
  16. S&W 3913?

    I saw the 3913 suggested in the Suggestions wanted: Single stack 9mm for EDC and looked into it. I really like it! I try to buy not only made in america whenever possible, but also made in massachusetts as well. Can anyone elaborate on their experiences with them? I was sold on the S&W...
  17. 5320.1 manufacture question

    4.a. Name and Location of Original Manufacture of Firearm If I'm trying to register my own 80% as an SBR. Do I use my own personal name and home address? If I machined it at a buddy's garage, do I use his address? Could I use the address of a machine shop I did the machining? If I made up a...
  18. FA10 / NFA question

    Looking to streamline a build I have been contemplating. If I wanted to machine an 80% ar lower and NFA as an SBR under a trust, would I put the trust under purchaser information and my personal information as seller information? I'm not sure how to handle this without seeing a hole for the...
  19. too good not to share

    NSFW [smile] [laugh2]
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