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  1. Is it possible to buy now, any FFL's receiving?

    I'm thinking of getting something from gunbroker - anyone know if there are any FFL's receiving now? PM me if you'd rather not say online.
  2. WTB Please Delete

    Long shot, I know - but does anyone have one they'd like to part with? Location: northshore
  3. I love Maine!

    On Maine island, several people with guns allegedly cut down tree to block driveway and force quarantine The individuals were targeted because of their out-of-state license plate, according to a state representative...
  4. Good source for moving blankets?

    I'd like to get some decent quality moving blanket (ie thick, not stinky), but after reading reviews for various sources online I'm confused as to what to buy. When I was growing up we always had some at the cottage and in the back of the car. I remember them as soft, heavy and warm. (of course...
  5. SOLD - 9mm Perfecta - 28 boxes in ammo can

    SOLD 28 boxes (50 in each) of Perfecta for $225 Ammo boxes will be in large plastic ammo can. There are 27 boxes in the photo, but I found another one to add to the deal, so total is 28 boxes. Selling my 9mm glock, don't need this anymore. Possibly do a trade of some sort for .380 range...
  6. WTS Wacom Intuos Pro Medium 2019 - Never Used - $200

    Bought this in June 2019, took it out of the box and thought about setting it up. Decided not to go forward with the project that I needed this for, so I have no reason to keep it. It has NEVER been used. Paid $329.95 (see photo of invoice)
  7. SOLD

    215 rounds of 20 gauge ammo still boxed. (110 Slug, 75 Buckshot & 30 Home Defense) $75 for ammo 20g gun cleaning kit - $10 Location: northshore, all laws will be followed. No Trades
  8. SOLD - Shotgun Safe, V-Line $105

    V-Line Quick Access Shotgun Safe Slight dent in the foam where my shotgun sat for a couple of years, otherwise like new. Retails now for $295, I paid $225, selling for $105. Shotgun Case-Home Defense Shotgun Safe - V-Line NO TRADES Location: northshore
  9. Mossberg 590 Shockwave legal in MA?

    Can I buy one of these from a shop in MA? I know I'm a couple years behind the times, just read about the Shockwave today. I might be interested in a 20ga or a .410. If they are legal...and someone has a 20ga and they'd be willing to meet and let me give it a try, I'd give you a couple boxes...
  10. Yes, rattlesnakes CAN swim!

    I seem to remember out state officials using the argument that rattlesnakes can't swim to persuade folks to calm down about relocating rattlesnakes to an island near the Quabbin reservoir. Rattlesnake terrifies North Carolina boaters as it swims across lake, attempts to slither aboard
  11. WTS Pono concert Ukulele, case & humidifier

    $275 I bought this in April of 2017 at the Music Emporium in Lexington, MA. It comes with a Pono hard case. (paid $390 for uke and case before tax) Pono Mahogany Concert The uke is in perfect condition, no blemishes of any kind. Includes: D'Addario Humidifier System ($20) & 2 ukulele...
  12. SOLD

    :emoji_guitar:Freedom Munitions 125gr remanufactured fmj .38spl $110 for 500 rounds - SOLD Still sealed up in shipping box from the manufacturer. I've been shooting this stuff for several years and...
  13. Air pistol for squirrel?

    I've got a really plump squirrel casing my place - trying to find a way in. I live on the first floor, with many neighbors very close in all directions (small city on the north shore). The 3rd floor tenant feeds the squirrel. I'd like to 'take care' of it before it makes it into the house. The...
  14. Is Minn. Cop/Shooter of Woman a Muslim?

    Just heard a report of this incident on the news - they're saying it doesn't make any sense, no one can figure out how it happened..... then the give a name of the officer/shooter it's 'Mohamed N....'. They show a photo of him with 2 women in full muslim garb (faces blurred). They can't figure...
  15. Monocular experience with Vortex?

    Anyone have any experience with the Vortex Solo 10x36 Monocular S136? It looks good to me, but I thought it prudent to check with the experts first[wink] Thanks!
  16. New Girl Scout Cookie Report

    Bought a package of the Girl Scouts new cookie, S'Mores - last night. They are Delicious! I could easily eat the whole package in one sitting.
  17. How to avoid Tobin north toll?

    I drive in to Brookline one day a week from the northshore (south on Rt 1)- I avoid the bridge going in by going through Everett (or is it East Boston?), but now they're charging a toll going north as well. I thought I could avoid it by going up 93 but they're still getting me. Any ideas...
  18. Fox Labs 5.3 in NH?

    Anyone know where to buy some Fox Labs 5.3 in NH? Thanks!
  19. Russia Hacks Vermont Utility - Washington Post Article

    Today's front page Washington Post: Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security...
  20. I lost my boy today, this never gets any easier.

    TobyDog - rescued street dog from Puerto Rico, about 4 when I got him, almost 11 years ago. Afraid of everything at first, but the sweetest little guy ever. They never last long enough - my heart is breaking[crying]
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