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  1. Turkey hunting

    So I am going to attempt to do some turkey hunting this year, I'm pretty sure I have all my "basic" needs ( yes even the silly green sticker ). My question is what size shot are you guys using? I think the abstracts said numbered shot between 4 and 7. I've been practicing with number 7 because...
  2. calling HVAC guys

    [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] hey guys i am looking to get some info in the HVAC unit in the pictures. i was given the unit a few years ago with the hopes of installing it in my house but it looks like that wont be happening so id rather unload it. im just not sure of its...
  3. missfire rate

    so i am pretty new to reloading (aprox 2000 rounds) and i was curious about what the average number of miss fires you guys typically get from your hand loads. first off from the first 1000 rounds i have fired i have gotten about 35 miss fires. im not sure if that is a "typical" amount or not...
  4. hunters trading post

    so i drove over to hunters trading post today after calling them yesterday and asking if they had small pistol primers in stock. (they said yes) i walk in the store about 15 minutes after they open, me being the only customer in the shop. i start to browse a bit not getting so much as a hello or...
  5. Shops that sell Reloading supplies

    Anybody know of any shop in South East ma that have any Reloading supplies in Stock? Specifically looking for 9mm bullets and powder. I've called a few and everything is whipped out. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  6. Pellet stoves

    I plan on purchasing a Pellet stove in the next few weeks, I was looking for recommendations and things to look for. I have been using a wood stove for the past few years but my work schedule has been getting busier and by the time I get home and get the stove going I barely get the house warm...
  7. Kayak fishing

    Finally pulled the trigger and bought a couple of kayaks for me and my dad to fish from.(parked the old john boat) So far so good, but, was wondering what modifications/ upgrades you guys recommended??
  8. Baitcaster or spinning gear??

    what are you using??? i have always used spinning gear but just recently purchased an Abu Garcia baitcaster combo. Tough getting used to it but im starting to get the hang of it. any tips for a baitcaster newbie??
  9. Local crappie fishing

    I catch a ton of crappie at the pond I fish at and I've heard they are great eating. My question is does anyone keep and eat them around here? And if so how do I know if the water is clean enough to eat fish from? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  10. First trip out

    Hit the pond today for the first time this year. Pretty windy but the fishing itch was to bad to not scratch. My dad and I caught a few so it was a good first time out Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  11. 1911 or AR15

    So my wife has given me the Ok to buy myself a new gun for my birthday. I'm undecided on which way to go on this. I currently have a m&p 9c for my every day carry, and a m&p 15/22 for plinking. I'm looking to keep it under 1k. I'm pretty open to suggestions on models so feel free
  12. First range trip

    so im a new member at Braintree rifle and pistol and today was my first trip there to shoot. Got some time in on the pistol range and then the plinking range to break in my new M&P 15/22 and boy is that thing fun to shoot. Then hit the rifle range to shoot my 1957 Winchester model 70 in .308...
  13. Smith&Wesson m&p 15/22

    So i just purchased this gun yesterday...get it home and check it out a bit. I look at the magazine and wtf they gave me a 25 rd mag. (Im from mass) upon further review its not a 25 but a 10... why the hell does it need to be so big? Maybe im being to picky but I'd much rather a short 10 rd mag...
  14. going to maine

    Maybe. A stupid question but here heading to Maine for work next week and was wondering if i can bring some guns to shoot? I know i cant carry but can i bring them in a secure case? Im working in a very remote area and other guys had their guns last year at the same job. I just...
  15. any members at Ames p&r?

    On the website it says to bring applications by in person, ive been there twice and no one has been there. Should i just call someone on the BOD? If so who? Thanks in advance
  16. shooting on private property

    An acquaintance of mine told me i could shoot on his 15 acre property in west bridgewater. If i have written permission from him and im more than 500 ft away from other houses, am i in the clear to shoot? Its only temporary until i join a club. Just been busy...
  17. range pros and cons

    So im looking to join either Braintree r&p or Taunton gun club...I'm from Brockton so both are fairly close. From the web page they both look good but wanted to hear some of your opinions Any info would be greatly appreciated
  18. blazer 9mm

    How bad is this ammo??? Dicks has it for 9.99 for 50. Worth it just shooting at the range?
  19. Just turned green

    im now a full member:)
  20. adjusting a m-tac

    I just purchased a m&p 9c (super excited ) i bought it used with a mtac Minotaur holster. Im trying to adjust it so it is properly concealed. I have it at about four o'clock and the magazine pokes out pretty good in the back. I adjusted the cant forward but then the back of the slide shows. Im...
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