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  1. Bowflex M5 Max Trainer - SOLD

    SOLD - PLEASE DELETE Excellent Condition, Lightly Used Bow Flex M5 Max Trainer with Owners Manual & Heart Rate Monitor. Fully Assembled - ready for use and pick up. $850.00 Photo is a stock photo.
  2. Paul Parent Dead at 69

    Below is from the radio station that hosted his show. I don't consider myself a gardener, but I learned quite a bit listening to Paul over the years' and calling in occasionally with a question or two. I heard nothing of his passing until this morning when I went to listen to his show on the...
  3. Funny But True Signature Line

    Saw this signature line from a member on another forum and thought it was worth sharing - funny but true! Monica, Gennifer, Paula ... Bill always seemed to choose someone other than Hillary ... shouldn't you?
  4. Moon Clip Question

    If the cylinder is or has been chamfered for moon clips, should you always use the moon clips to prevent a possible FTF? I recently picked up a used custom 686 that has been chamfered for moon clips and experienced a few FTF when not using the moon clips. The firing pin hit the primer but not...
  5. Question about Chambered Round Changeout

    I've been CC'ing a lot lately and noticed my defensive ammo (JHP) chambered round gets a bit beat up after repeated loading/unloading of the same round, particularly around the rim area near the primer. On some occasions, I do not get an adequate feed when I go to chamber a round when I load my...
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