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  1. Two residences?

    If I understand correctly according to the ATF one may have two residences (two different states). I have property in Vt. and that is where I do most of my shooting. I have some firearms up there already but never bothered pursuing any standing in Vt. as having my firearms there was not an issue...
  2. "reputation" info

    I recently received notification of reputation posts to me. I found that once I went away from that screen I could not get it back. I have since found that if I hit settings to the right on my username I can get the screen back up. But if I click on my username my profile info comes up with the...
  3. Hyannis gun shop???

    This afternoon I heard an ad. on WXTK for what sounded like a gun shop on Barnstable Rd. in Hyannis. Don't know anything about it and not a name I had heard before. Of course I can not remember the name. Anyone have any info? No it was not the Powderhorn.
  4. AR 15 project recommendation.

    I am starting a build and need to get an M 16 takeoff fsb (predrilled) installed on a new (undrilled) barrel. Any recommendations as to who I should have perform this work? Preferably in the New England area. Thanks
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