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  1. How do I post a for sale add for preban AR15 receivers.

    I have a couple of AR-15 preban receivers that I have had for decades. How do I post an add here to sell them. I am not trying to sell them with this post, I left out contact info and price for that purpose. If anyone cam help I would appreciate it.
  2. If you knew you were headed in to a gun fight...

    I know this is a little over the top, but if you have to fight, you might as well fight to win. I have an AK pistol with a 12.6 inch barrel. You get almost the same velocity as a rifle with the 12.6 barrel. That AK with my 30 round double sided twin mag should do it. The light/laser combo on it...
  3. More idiots take turns wearing bulletproof vest and shoot each other

    Man you can't make this stuff up it is so stupid, weak minds lubricated by beer never cease to amaze.
  4. Duncan vs. Becarra (CA magazine ban case) -- Judge is awesome

    I believe the constitution is clear on this one, I was pleased and shocked when CA got hammered by this judge. Absolutely a victory for liberty.
  5. Swiss support for gun ownership faces crucial test

    The EU I believe will eventually fall apart, I still cant believe they created the monstrosity.
  6. Ocasio-Cortez (America's Original Crackpot) steps in it again, now she has her very own Megathread!

    As far as her and her followers...... Never under estimate stupid people in large groups.
  7. Ocasio-Cortez (America's Original Crackpot) steps in it again, now she has her very own Megathread!

    As far as her and her followers...... Never under estimate stupid people in large groups.
  8. 9mm Pistol Survey - Win Glock 19 - Please help!

    As long as it says Hk on the side most people would be very happy.
  9. Truck Full Of Military Munitions Crashes In Montana Snowstorm

    Back I believe it was 1985 in Oklahoma at the intersection of I40 and Hwy 69 a truck carrying 10 1000 pound bombs was hit by a car, in the fire caused by the collision 7 of them eventually detonated. The town was evacuated and it left a crater in the highway close to 30 feet deep, and close to...
  10. Cannabis and gun ownership

    Sobriety goes with guns, like a bun goes with a hamburger.
  11. Nostalgic day at the range with my boy

    Taking a kid shooting is the best way to not let gun ownership die out. Plus to the kid it is priceless.
  12. New Hampshire: Firearm Seizure Bill to be Heard

    The libtards want nothing more than to whittle away at any gun rights until they are gone.
  13. Vaccine industry about to recruit gun-toting police to enforce mandatory medical interventions

    Big brother looking out for so much they might shoot us to make sure we are safe, LOL. I never hear about this when vaccines are being to near being a forced requirement. We have what is known as "Herd Immunity" depending on the disease, if 80 to 90% of us are vaccinated the disease wont spread
  14. 2 California police officers who shot unarmed black man won't face charges

    I saw video clips of this one, the police shouldn't have fired. That said the perp shouldn't have run or disregarded commands either. Pulling the trigger because you are scared is a bad plan, it is my understanding he had a I phone in his hand. The cops involved should loose their right to be an...
  15. Paypal Partnering w/SPLC

    PP called me about transactions with no description of items sold, and wanted to know what I was selling. They are so invasive and anal sometimes especially with gun items I dropped them and refuse to use them. Granted that can be inconvenient Still I decided to forgo the invasion of privacy...
  16. Oklahoma Embraces Constitutional Carry With New Law

    It is great that some lawmakers are actually reading the constitution and realizing that our rights do matter. Everyone especially politicians should read the bill of rights section of the Constitution, that section is the peoples rights. My hat is off to Oklahoma doing it right.
  17. Tula .38 Steel Case Ammo Jammed Smith Wesson 438 Cylinder

    Most of those steel cases are coated with lacquer, it softens up when you fire them. A lot of fine firearms just cant tolerate the steel cased stuff. I am thinking that 38 is a great round to reload, if you are going to shoot a lot you should consider reloading your own, of course with brass cases.
  18. Harbor Freight plastic ammo can $2.99

    I saw that retractable hose W/reel & want one. Has anyone heard if it is decent, or junk.
  19. The Atlantic’s Dick Polman: Democrats Need ‘a New Massacre’ to Make Gun Control Push

    The pattern of going hard to the left post Obama by many in the Democrat party is the #1 danger to the 2nd amendment. The next time we get a democrat house, senate, and president I believe there will be a push to amend the constitution to remove the 2nd amendment rights from the constitution. It...
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