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  1. Green x5

    Fifth time I’ve upgraded my greeniness. Keep up the great work!
  2. New acquisitions Feb 2018

    Didn’t see one, so I’ll start it off. Care of Gun Parlor.
  3. New acquisitions December

    Guess l start it off again. Picked up an all black VP9 from four seasons for a great price!
  4. Green Again

    My Fifth year anniversary! Green 'Gyn!!
  5. New Acquisitions November 2017

    Didn’t see one, so I’ll start it up. Steyr S9-A1 new to me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Tom Petty won’t be down for Supper His age, found down, in arrest. He’s dead if he hasn’t been announced already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. WTT WTT FNX-45 Tactical Brand New

    Location: North Shore, Mass Title says it. Zero rounds down the barrel, full kit with even a Crossbreed Holster. FNX-45 Tactical in FDE. Want to trade for a Sig Legion in 45 or 9, or a Mark 25, preferably in FDE with all the goodies. Don't mind low round count. It seems people seem to have...
  8. Signed again

    Did 12, took a break for my sanity, and just signed back up to finish off my 20. Pants are looser and shirts are tighter, which thankfully is the way it's supposed to be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. WTS G43

    Sold, Please Delete
  10. WTS Harley Sportster-Bobber

    WTS/WTT 1982 Harley Sportster fabricated into a Bobber. Buying a house. Fellow Vet built it out for me from a Sportster. Beautiful bike. Needs mirrors. (Not included) Needs a horn. (not included) Needs Blinkers (included! Just unfamiliar with electrical systems so I have not placed myself)...
  11. School shooting (not really, "man with a gun") in Woburn

    Heard a rumor. Anyone know? Info?
  12. Green Again

    Just renewed for the second time. Wow how time flies.
  13. New Addition- Next Gen NES'r finally here

    Wanted to share with the virtual family along with my real world. My first Child, my Son, was born on 12/10/2013.
  14. First Green renewal- So full of win

    Just did my First Green Renewal! Super Psyched, and for all those on the fence, can't stress enough how important is it to pick up that Green! For 21.00 a year, you are opened up into a HUGE advantage and benefits including Karma's, give-aways, and networking that is literally worth thousands of...
  15. Post Ban Mags

    Need a little help folks. My friend moved into the state with a 3rd Gen G17 that he has since sold. He did not pass on the hi cap mags as He's aware they weren't legal to pass on. He now has several mags that's He may put up for sale to free state-ers. He then received a message suggesting it...
  16. Senate Approves Assault weapons ban

    Don't think this is a dupe yet. Panel Approves Assault Weapons Ban Opposed by Republicans - Bloomberg Brought to my attention that I incorrectly labeled this post. My apologies to everyone. I was wrong!
  17. Gun control and who supports it

    Saw this link and snagged it. Not one of our guys in taxachusetts is willing to support those who value their 2A rights. We need a change ladies and gentlemen...
  18. Interesting

    Have a friend down in DC who's girlfriend works for the HOR. She has some "in's" as to what coming down the pipe. He said there was a bunch of new gun legislation and he sent me this link...
  19. Seriously? Dammit.
  20. Hello from Boston-ish

    Hello all. 31 from just north of the city (Reading). Military and reserve for the past 12 years, now civilian working medical. Finally Put in my package for LTC. Eager to be a part of this community!
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