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  1. WTS S&W MP9c, Package Deal

    Location : Greater Boston / Boston MA Description : 9mm Striker Fire, Great for every day concealed carry Accessories : 4 10rd mags, Crimson Trace Laser (Red), New APEX trigger installed, Bio Hazard Back Plate, TXC IWB Camo Holster (R) Selling Terms : Cash Only, Must Have MA LTC, Private sale...
  2. SOLD

    Location: Braintree Description: 1x PreBan (U-Notch) Glock 22 15rnd Magazine Terms: Must have valid LTC Price: FTF $40 Contact: PM
  3. NRA Instructor Course - Recommendations?

    I've been kicking around taking an instructor class for a while. GOAL used to run them periodically, but I'm not seeing any on their calendar. NRA's training site has several Basic Pistol Instructor courses listed in Mass, but I was wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations or...
  4. Auto Survival Kit - What's in yours?

    So as winter approaches I'm beginning to rethink how and what I carry around in the back of the Jeep in case of an emergency. Aside from the basics like a flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables, and spare clothes/rain gear, I'm curious about what everyone keeps in the back of their vehicle...
  5. Seriously, does anyone actually go to jail anymore?

    I either need to stop checking the news, or move the hell out of Mass. Watch this video (or read the article) and try not to lose your mind, especially if you have a daughter. Rape victim outraged after Uber driver posted bail, fled country Between this and officer's murder on the Cape last...
  6. Battery-Powered Shortwave Radios

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a good sub $100 battery powered AM/FM/SW/Airband radio? Looking at a few on Amazon, but if someone has any specific suggestions, that would be helpful. Thanks, in advance! Few options...
  7. AAA Membership: Is it worth joining?

    So I've been kicking around the idea of singing up for AAA for a while now. Anyone have any experience with them, and is it worth the annual $58 (Mass)?
  8. Cloudbleed: Cloudflare Security Breach

    Looks like Cloudflare, used to host several major websites such as Uber, OKCupid, Yelp, 4Chan, NYTimes, etc, has discovered a serious security vulnerability in their code. Out of precaution, if you have accounts on any of the affected sites it may be worth changing your password. I imagine as...
  9. LIVE: UC Berklee Milo Protest/Minor Riot

    Milo Yiannopoulous is scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley tonight and the students aren't having it. Lighting fires, blocking cars, destroying know the usual. [popcorn]
  10. Muslium Solidarity at Logan Airport Protest

    Looks like things might get interesting in Terminal E tonight. The AG is also there in support.
  11. What's up with all the Glocks 43s?

    What's up with all the Glock 43s and associated accessories in the classifieds lately? I thought they were supposed to be the second coming after the Shield? It seems like every other day someone's posting one for sale.
  12. Don't get a gun, get a digital rape whistle instead

    So I had an anti make a comment to me today that because the "statistics" say that owning a firearm makes women more vulnerable to crime, she opted to purchase a digital rape whistle as an alternative [rolleyes]. When the button is pressed, it makes a high pitched noise, and alerts specified...
  13. Russian Ambassador shot in Turkey

    This could get interesting...
  14. Newton High Students under investigation for confederate flag

    Drive around the school parking lot with a confederate flag - get reported to the police. I won't be flying a confederate flag on my Jeep anytime soon, but FFS if someone else wants to do it, so be it. This culture of victim-hood is getting old. Just because someone is offended, doesn't mean...
  15. Transgender flag flies over Boston City Hall for the first time

    Who knew there was a transgender flag??
  16. Guy shoots at Kendall Sq. Bldg then shoots self

    Almost out of the Richard Pryor playbook...
  17. Uber riders scoring drugs in Boston

    Dumb-asses couldn't even try to hide the fact that they were buying weed? At least get out of the car. Good thing the driver was running a dash cam. There's no way you'd catch me driving around these extras from a Wu-Tang video without something to protect myself.
  18. Canadian School Shooting - 4 Dead

    But this sort of thing just doesn't happen in other countries. [rolleyes]
  19. Bag of Ammo Found in Dorchester Trash Can

    Anyone missing some .38/.357?
  20. Armed Residents Respond to Home Invation - Video

    This shows just how important it is to keep your self-defense firearm close while you sleep. I guess in Mass you just ask your assailants nicely to wait while you enter your safe combo [rolleyes]...
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