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  1. Armed officers on Community College Campus

    I carry daily at UMass. Never even thought to ask for permission. Probably because I already know what their response would be. Eff it, concealed means concealed.
  2. City Council Constructs Bizarre $70K Ramp Over Family’s Lawn

    Maximum pitch for a handicapped ramp is 1:12 according to the ADA (US) or DDA (UK). If your trying to traverse a 10-14' grade difference this is what you get. Algebra always wins.
  3. Article: Connecticut Senator Charges Congress with Gun Violence 'Complicity'

    He's just looking for a job in Washington. He'll move right up the Democrat food-chain spouting BS like this.
  4. More vacation money for barry?

    Yup. And they vote.
  5. Graphing Calculator

    I used a Ti-84 for my undergrad (Civil Engineering). It worked great but if you are willing to spend the extra cash I would recommend the Ti-nSpire CAS...
  6. A Special Forces Commando Is Russia‘s New Social Media Star

    Dude.... Those cops are getting lit up. Literally
  7. E-Cigs and Vaping

    Same here. I love being able to use my EVOD right at my desk.
  8. DEMOCIDE: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns And Freedom

    Great Video. This is how I'd expect it to happen here, foreign soldiers included. To quote another NES member from last week, "I'm not getting on the truck."
  9. Toledo loses two firefighters...

    Got scared for a minute. My brother is stationed on the USS Toledo (SSN 769).
  10. Hickok45 is the man

    Yeah she is. The whole "I am a girl and I shoot guns" thing is so passe. Lots of women shoot and I bet most of whom are way less annoying. Go make me a sammich.
  11. "Local moms band together to fight for gun controls" What a joke.

    Stay at home moms who live in affluent communities need a hobby. Apparently yoga, play dates and Pinterest aren't enough these days. One thing people need to understand is that these types never get worried walking to their cars or when they hear someone in their backyard at 2am. They have...
  12. Wife has sciatica

    I was still in extreme pain when I first saw my chiropractor. A month later I was 90% better.
  13. Wife has sciatica

    Great advice! +1 to you Sir! If it is in fact caused by piriformis syndrome then it is most likely caused by Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction. The video below is a great way to test if she has SI joint dysfunction. If she gets immediate relief, her SI joint is the root of her pain.
  14. Wife has sciatica

    Has she tried chiropractic therapy yet? I was hit by a car walking home in 2002. Shortly thereafter I developed a shooting pain from my lower back to my ankle that was diagnosed as sciatica. After trying every type of therapy available and refusing a neurosurgeons request to operate, I saw a...
  15. It's National Reading Day: What are you reading?

    I just finished Rant by Chuck Palahniuk last night. I will start The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper tonight.
  16. sommerville tree this, its upsurd....and remember he is a renter!

    You bought up another good point. These people are always out in full force to support the latest 2.5% override. They don't own property, but they are allowed to vote in favor of increasing YOUR property taxes!!!
  17. sommerville tree this, its upsurd....and remember he is a renter!

    This type of behavior is becoming more and more common these days thanks to the 'public hearing' requirement of most local boards (planning, zoning, cons. comm.). Ten years ago words like "community" and "quality of life" were usually viewed by most as positive. In more recent years however they...
  18. Scariest night of my life tonight.

    This made me laugh. Typical Marine. Standing at the ready, waiting for something, anything, that will require a jump back into action. I have this image in my head of a big manly Marine, disheveled, barely awake, standing guard over his princess as if his will alone will make everything ok...
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