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  1. subscrition renewal rant

    Dumb question but my name is in green but I cant remember if it has been one or two years since I joined.. Any place to look in the profile to see a date? Thanks
  2. Any 200 to 300 yard shoots in the area

    Yeah . I get it. I just added that to my profile. I thought it was in there.
  3. Any 200 to 300 yard shoots in the area

    Doh.. sorry , I live towards Keene NH.
  4. posting in Classified...

    I looked around and saw that and I just joined. Thanks
  5. Any 200 to 300 yard shoots in the area

    Some frineds and I are looking for a plce to shoot 300 yards with out having to join a club 100 miles away. Does anyone know of any clubs that offer open shoots? I guess it would be like open trap or skeet shoots. Lee
  6. posting in Classified...

    I get denied posting rights and I cant find a thread that states what you need to do to post there. Thanks Lee
  7. Long gun sale question

    This has probably been asked before but here goes. Can a Mass resident sell a rifle to a NH reident with out going thru a gun dealer? Thanks, Lee
  8. Motorcycle Riders

    You wear shorts when it is 13 below zero??? Why do you need a CCW then? No one would mess with anyone that tough.[smile] [smile] [smile] I have seen some Tee shirt style concealment shirt that might fit what you are looking for. Lee
  9. Motorcycle Riders

    haha i thought just about everythig was a violation of mass laws. Why would carrying a bag with a loaded gun in it violate the law if you have a licence to carry? It would be like a lady carring her purse. Lee
  10. Rosie O'Donnell: 2nd Amendment is not a right!

    It amazes me that there is any credence given to any of her statements. She is an entertainer(not much of one) only. I pissed me off the idiots get air time for free or are being paid. Lee
  11. National Pistol permit ?????

    I went to today and unfortunatly they shut it down due to lack of resourses. Lee
  12. National Pistol permit ?????

    My buddy has quite a few guns, hunts a lot and has his NY pistol permit. He was gtalking about getting his FLA non resident permit because of the amount of states that reciprocate and then made the comment. He was much more loaded than me and then i called BS. Lee
  13. National Pistol permit ?????

    HAHAHA I doubt if my beer drinking redneck buddy fit any of the above catagories. I just like to make sure I am right when I call bullshit on someone. Thanks. Lee
  14. National Pistol permit ?????

    no he is not LEO and never has been but he did refer to a cousin that was. Lee
  15. National Pistol permit ?????

    I got in a discussion this weekend with a friend over a couple beers and he said he wished he had followed through and got his national pistol permit. I said I think I know a fair amount about things but have never heard of this. Is there such a thing? He also said an FFL gives you the...
  16. Charles Daly 45 opinions please

    I am looking at a charles Daly 45. I want to buy one and I know no matter what I think I will probably only shoot it 4 or 5 times a year. I know I cant afford a 750 to 1000 45 but found a nice looking Daly for around 450. Any opinions? Lee Mod moved to Firearms, Equipment and Ammo/JJ
  17. New folks check in and say HI #2

    I have not had an issue with myP22. It is a good feeling and shoot little 22 and cycles through box after box of the cheaper ammo from Walmart. My Ruger was finicky and my S/W had to have to barrel replaced right off the bat and a new firing pin after about 500 rounds. Lee
  18. American Shooters and Hunters . org

    This may have been brought up before and if so then I am sorry. Does anyone have any dealings with or belong to this group? I first heard about them a few months ago on the radio and fast lost all interest when there main spokesman incorrectly stated the common BS line about the difference...
  19. New folks check in and say HI #2

    Welcome to the forum, I am pretty new here also. I have a SW and had a ruger and also now have a Walther P22 and that is the one I would recommend. Lee
  20. Service Type

    US Navy Submarines SSN683
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