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  1. WTB FN Five-seveN MRD

    Prefer in black if possible. Or if you've seen one at a shop in MA... $50 birddog paid.
  2. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    This thread reminds me that I need to buy that backhoe attachment for my tractor.
  3. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Looks like she still insists on sticking with "shall issue" rules to me... she knows best and all that. "Under Massachusetts law, individuals are required to have a license to carry a firearm in order to carry a firearm in public. Massachusetts law prohibits some applicants from receiving a...
  4. What cartridge for firing squad?

    I've always had the opinion that people who commit/convicted of heinous crimes, should have heinous deaths. I also would like to present to you my (I believe to be original) execution slide... construct a near vertical water slide , 75 feet ought to do it and add a nice launch ramp to the...
  5. Back the Blue - 9/11 Memorial Rally Tomorrow Morning at the Lexington Battle Green

    The blue will get no support from me until they start enforcing the damn law against BLM and Antifa. All I ever see is Police standing down, huddling in groups and avoiding conflict with rioters/BLM. Then its the usual excuse" cant touch the protesters, stand down orders blah, blah"... yet when...
  6. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Still waiting for Marlin to release their 1895 Takedown Dark 16" barrel, chambered in .500 S&W ... should be any day now. [coffee]
  7. California Firearms Prison Term calculator

    As soon as plugged in the magazine numbers and shot over 400 years I exited with a chuckle... clown world!
  8. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Form 1 Efile SBR Submitted: 1-30-20 Prints received: unknown Approved: 3-5-20
  9. Red Alert! Deep State Planning A False Flag In Virginia

    Right on que... here come the memes to discredit. [laugh]
  10. Red Alert! Deep State Planning A False Flag In Virginia

    I don't watch infowars and I don't follow Jones... but for the past 3 years, he's been more correct and more reliable than the main media outlets. It's a sad day when this sort of thing happens. Anybody that scoffs at anything related to infowars, simply because it's infowars, needs to...
  11. What new restrictions w Massachusetts gun owners end up to satisfy the Anti’s

    What laws? Healey has shown me that laws are irrelevant and subject to change at the whim of our masters. So... if laws are irrelevant, why should I follow them? Perhaps I'll just do what I've been doing all my life... try to be the best person I can, help those who need it, care for my family...
  12. Best AR Mag: if ever legal again in Massachusetts

    Lancer... for both AR15 and SR25 rifles. 50 of each would be my first purchase, followed up by half a dozen D60's and handful of LaRue SR25 mags.
  13. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    I had a Marlin 1895 in 45/70 many years ago (15) and its one of the few rifles I regret selling. Lately I've been in the mood for another levergun and my dream rifle has yet to be made... waiting for Marlin to bring it to life. 1895 chambered in .500 S&W, 16.5" all stainless takedown rifle.
  14. Who carries a .380?

    Ruger LCP in front pocket, mostly my hot summer carry gun... nemesis holster.
  15. SBR FN PS90?

    Still have not decided which way I want to go. Some say the CMMG barrel is not as accurate as the FN barrel, then there is the decision on muzzle brake or factory comp. Pretty sure I'll have plenty of time to ponder while the Form 1 is out.
  16. How many is a........?

    I don't even know how many I have anymore, I just count the safes... much easier.
  17. SBR FN PS90?

    Got the PS90 in finally... Aluminum trigger, hammer and spring upgrade, oversized cocking handle and ultra low optic mount with Trijicon MRO. All upgrades completed within 2 hrs of the PS90 entering my house. [banana] Now the slow journey to SBRville starts... hopefully I can get the paperwork...
  18. AG wins her gun ban

    I said this in the bump-stock ban thread... they will move to ban and require the turning in of AR15's next ,just like bump stocks. Step one has been accomplished. Step two will be coming shortly.
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