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  1. Non resident LTC timeline

    Massachusetts is great.
  2. New Acquisitions August 2023

    Henry 16.5" CCH Big Boy, octagonal bbl in 45LC
  3. What did you do in the shack today?

    9N7AA... He will confirm your contact via LOTW. He is an acquaintance of mine and I have known him for over 10 years. Reliable guy and a great CW operator. I assume you worked him in the IARU contest during that great 15 meter band opening this weekend. I logged 9N, VU, BY, JA, HS, YB, ZL...
  4. Road trip to Greenville Maine suggestions.

    Make sure you stop and get some industrial grade insect repellent. The ticks, mosquitoes and damn black flies are bad.
  5. What did you do in the shack today?

    Well, got my new K4D hooked up and working. Band condx haven't been that great but still making CW QSOs.
  6. New Firearm Acquisition Thread May 2023

    Colt Python 2022 3" model.
  7. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Installed this Vortex 1-8 optic on my Colt LE6940 AR15 M4 Monolithic carbine. Also upgraded the milspec trigger with this 2.5 lb. flat trigger. Will take to the range next week here in the sovereign state of South Carolina.
  8. All things, MA non-resident LTC

    Applied for a Mass. non-resident LTC on March 27. Just got an email this week (4/6/23) that my scheduled date for my interview in Chelsea is November 21, 2023. I'll do the arithmetic for you; that's 8 months just to get the interview.
  9. School me on k31 swiss

    I had two K31s at one time but sold or traded one for something else. I still have one beautiful K31 left that I haven't shot in a few years. I bought a bunch of Swiss ammo for it back when it was readily available and it's beautiful stuff.
  10. Go ahead, make my day. Which 6 inch 44 mag?

    Too many S&W fanboys.
  11. CW - For Real this Time

    I did 443 QSOs in the ARRL DX CW. Fun part time effort.
  12. Ok . One of these stupid NES polls. What is your next gun.

    I like that new Henry 9mm rifle they just introduced but it will be unobtaniam. I've been looking for their color case hardened rifle in 45LC but just about impossible to find unless GB. Maybe the Springfield SA35.
  13. New Firearms Acquisition Thread January 2023

    New Colt 6940 MSR. One piece "Monolithic upper."
  14. Extra Test today

    Congratulations on passing the Extra class exam. From a fellow NCRA member.
  15. Biden’s MLK Speech: ‘Ban the Number of Bullets That Go in a Magazine’

    I bought another AR15 this afternoon. I think I'll also buy more 30 round Magpul magazines at $9.95 each.
  16. What's everyone's preferred big bore pistol?

    Go with the .50AE Deagle.
  17. CW - For Real this Time

    Here are a couple of pictures of my Mercury paddle which I purchased around 1998 from the maker Steve, N2DAN (SK). I had a friend of mine fit it with some old ivory finger pieces.
  18. CW - For Real this Time

    Interesting article from The Smithsonian about Morse code and it's continued use today. Article here.
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