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  1. The new influx of Turkish mag fed bullpup autoloaders...any MA FFL transferring yet?

    pistol grip on bullpups is not beneath the action, that could be open to interpretation because it traditionally meant right under, not just below the barrel axis. If man wants to f*** you, they will have no trouble finding child porn on your computer or give you computer if you don't have...

    and to be fair, there is probably a backdoor on these as well for another price. We had some discussion like 25 years ago about cruise missiles vs conventional artillery. Conventional artillery, including mortars (if you need something more compact) can get job done with pinpoint accuracy and...

    except that radio warfare has been a thing for many decades now. That drone has no chance against specialized radio warfare units. They can blank jam it, in many cases they can intercept and highjack the drone itself. Been done before, you guys need to keep up to date with battlefield...
  4. Kazahstan goes hot megathread

    Mods please delete, could not find the thread.
  5. Kazahstan goes hot megathread

    NES is asleep at the wheel? Kazahstan went hot with last weeks protests culminating today in taking muni buildings, airports, surrender of military and police, hundreds of dead ... nothing on NES about it. Lots of shooting, lots of AK fire.
  6. Happy New Years: Russian Style

    aim toward NYC and make sure shit you are shooting can make it that far. Nothing of value will be lost.
  7. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    Soviet Nagant for hiking in woods.
  8. Texas Domestic Shooting/Teal Shirt Guy/Graphic

    I'll tell ya'll what's the problem really is ... ready? ... it's pussy You got two stags locking horns with three women watching, and I'm sure there was some serious manipulation and web of lies spun around the divorce and visitation rights. Put these guys in a bar away over a couple of...
  9. Texas Domestic Shooting/Teal Shirt Guy/Graphic

    I kind of disagree, with current nanny state the shooter is guilty and will most likely go to prison. However ... you got two dudes with clear beef and I don't see why that didn't have to be resolved. Teal shirt called other dude's bluff and wanted to play the game, well he won a prize. Was...
  10. Texas Domestic Shooting/Teal Shirt Guy/Graphic

    dude was clearly dead as a door nail
  11. Sherborn police have "machine guns."

    and yet Fram chief would not sign off on green card ... cocksucker
  12. Black Rifle Coffee Condemns Kyle Rittenhouse, May Dump Sponsorship Of Media Defending Him

    it's probably all the soy, pube dendruff and communism that rubs off their hands as they package the coffee.
  13. Massachusetts Democrats seek to ban parts that could be used to make suppressors

    The rep needs to be asked the question on what exactly crisis is he dealing with? How many murders in MA were committed with these "home made suppressors"? If the answer is none (which it is) or less than 5, it's not a f***ing crisis and cocksucker deliberately pushing some bullshit agenda and...
  14. A woman just graduated the US Army’s sniper school for the first time ever

    I don't know how executing POWs should be a measure of anything. this is spot on though:
  15. A woman just graduated the US Army’s sniper school for the first time ever

    Soviet sniper schools typically had own special training course and served in homo units. The period scent was a big deal and well known, especially for partisan/guerilla troops hiding in the woods, deep in enemy territory. From one female soldier's memoirs, they were sent out deeper in the...
  16. A woman just graduated the US Army’s sniper school for the first time ever

    good for her not succumbing into attention whoring, sounds like she went it to actually serve.
  17. The Rock Has Banned Guns From His Movies

    He is probably afraid that Alec is going to pay him a visit one day
  18. Dangerousness hearings

    I am crystal clear what 2a says. If I or most NESers on the jury ... he walks. He also killed one less person than Alex Baldwin because he can only buy so little "justice"
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