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  1. Pre Ban Mini 14

    Or the bayonet lug and flash hider which some models shipped with. The 80s and early 90s were a big time for aftermarket folding stocks, too. Remember it is not configuration as shipped... Unfortunately Ruger only managed to make the platform almost accurate in recent years... Probably not the...
  2. Scumbag Robs Little Kids At Gunpoint, Steals Their Go-Kart.

    Those ages were SOP when I was a kid for go-karts and bikes and 22s... Except maybe the 4yo.
  3. Somerville police officer sues Sig Sauer, says weapon fired on its own

    There was, years ago, and they did. It was a heavy, solid trigger that was replaced by recall and in newer models with a lighter, scalloped back one. The problem was - prior - being dropped at a particular angle with a full mag; the weight of the trigger causing an uncommanded discharge...
  4. Airmont NY Deputy Mayor Brian Downey arrested, accused of buying gun parts over Internet

    Chicom knockoffs? Or perhaps. I have heard tell of people buying solvent trap kits for form 1 builds and finding they were modified in ways which the description suggested they were not, and certainly not as shown in the pictures... Bad news, even with your...
  5. Two Weapons, a Chase, a Killing and No Charges: A 25-year-old man running through a Georgia neighborhood ended up dead

    Let's not confuse the case with facts... Definitely not with the fact that Armed Robbery took a 90* turn and rushed a few yards to attempt to disarm him.
  6. Piston Driven AR-15s

    One of the guys at my channel works for KE. DM me and I will send you a special code to save a few bucks. Snag a lower and put whatever upper you want on it... Piston will be mighty front heavy though. Plenty of MA FFLs will transfer it, no problem.
  7. Tax return....

    Your DeLorean must have a flux capacitor. Last movie I went to that wasn't at Smitty's or Chunkies, that was the price of the small soda alone :confused:
  8. Piston Driven AR-15s

    Standard ARs are often called direct impingement, but aren't exactly... But typically they get called that so we'll go with it. DI vs piston. If you do not want DI (standard AR) you are probably looking at a piston driven system. They are typically cleaner to run, easier to suppress, and easier...
  9. Owning 2 exact same guns, one for carry, one for practice??

    Had a customer who shot out his 340PD to the point that he is on his 2nd cylinder and 4th forcing cone. Was selling him a case a week of Golden Saber a week give or take because he liked to shoot carry ammo at the range. "Buy another one" was not just self-interest as the gun shop guy.
  10. Sirhan Sirhan was recommended for parole.

    Valid point hahahah
  11. Sirhan Sirhan was recommended for parole.

    Very few people serve 50+ years for a single murder... Ostensibly they are locked away for the purposes of punishment and rehabilitation, and it comes down to the safety of the public. Is the public more or less endangered by an assasin who kills a specific person than a serial killer? Or some...
  12. Effort to Ban Hunting and Fishing in Oregon

    Amen. California or Oregon does something and MA and NY follow 5-10 years later, suddenly a half dozen states do it and it becomes "normalised" to the extend that localities and red and purple states are able to push it through.
  13. Stray bullet from angle tree hits house

    Repairing screens is tedious. I really doubt they would bother that quickly... Maybe they grabbed a screen from another window?
  14. CDMedia Initiates Formal Media Inquiry With Fort Bliss Over Soldier Saying She Will Shoot Americans

    It's a new Army. I can tell you straight from Ft. Sill the Drill Sergeants are hazing (yknow that thing that was and is out and out verboten otherwise, in recent years) trainee platoons regarding the jab... As in old school "do it or I'll take you out and beat you" type shit. Why would they...
  15. Somerville police officer sues Sig Sauer, says weapon fired on its own

    Sounds like it might pull the trigger, even.
  16. Pistols used now at Kabul AP

    Yup. And somewhat often you get what you get as far as what can be sourced locally for a sidearm, if you are deemed worthy of one. More often than not it is a Turkish clone of a Beretta or Browning but sometimes shitstick combloc surplus if you are unlucky. Comes down to import regs and the...
  17. Taran Tactical first hand experience

    Pearce is cool because - in addition to costing 50-80% less than the giant slabs of aluminum - it looks less like an aftermarket motorcycle accessory and more like a part that might have been crafted by Glock specifically for use on your particular pistol. They tend to work well, provide a...
  18. Biden bans Russian Arms and Ammo

    Looks like we found the wumao.
  19. Taran Tactical first hand experience

    This. I have had zero issue with much less expensive and decent looking (non ricer) Pearce extensions.
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