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  1. People who have an Aimpoint ACRO P-2…

    A lot of retailers have had these in stock for the past month or so and still do.
  2. Reasons for application

    If “all lawful purposes” isn’t accepted then just individually list everything you can think of that it consists of. That’s what I did for a renewal.
  3. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    Cloud has a legacy body for surefire tail caps now. I only like Cloud for the very light press for momentary off. If I’m using a light, I prefer it constant on then momentary off when moving.
  4. I feel so much safer at TF Green now

    Slinky in a tube?
  5. Liberty Safe Confirms They Gave Feds Access Code to Gun Safe During Raid on January 6 Protester

    The damage control is crap and trust is gone. They’re just adding an option to opt out of access code records and requiring a subpoena going forward.
  6. 14 year old arrested with Kel-Tec in Hyde Park.

    So it was that easy to find him but no one bothered to try looking with just the outstanding warrant…
  7. Knock off surefire?

    I’m not seeing any wear in those pictures…
  8. Hypothetical

    Number two is of those things where each individual part is fine but it’s bad when you put all three parts in the same sentence like that.
  9. 4 Shot At City-Sponsored Anti-Gang-Violence Event

    I keep reading anti-gang-violence like Sean Connery on SNL. Does it mean violence against anti-gang activities?
  10. AR click, no bang

    I was hoping to learn something other than “clean stuff before use after storage”.
  11. XL mags

    Actually broken or just a follower that kind of got stuck? I think the follower got stuck for me once in a p365 mag.
  12. Deals and steals

    Not a deal but CSTactical has pre-orders up for an expected shipment of Aimpoint Acros if people are still looking for those.
  13. New Action From ARC - Coup De Grâce

    Got it over two months ago. Still haven’t ordered a parts to do anything with it. Funny part is how some people were hoping to get low serial numbers but it’s some long thing that looks like it includes year/month/day/number.
  14. Engraving multiple Glock mags with same serial number

    I think it’s intentional. He’s just high on weed.
  15. Engraving multiple Glock mags with same serial number

    Post the serial number or share some mags. We’re pinning everything on you.
  16. FN Rebates Begin Today

    The rebate isn’t that great… most people would probably choose more cash or a mag instead of the virtual pistol training.
  17. 36 yard zero on an ACOG?

    In summary, this another one of those threads where the op asks for opinions to make a decision but they’ve really already decided. And discussing things like battery/tritium life is stupid. If shtf, almost all of us will probably die in less than a month from something stupid like starvation...
  18. 36 yard zero on an ACOG?

    I would zero it as intended unless you basically just chose an acog to only use it like a red dot + magnifier. 36 yard zero is more to point and shoot and be close up to a certain distance. The bdc is an extra tool to aid you. If you have it, might as well use it and spend that little effort...
  19. How much magnification?

    I’d say very low… That looks like a scope for a very specific niche. Discontinued model with the weird match of mil reticle and moa turrets.
  20. AR click, no bang

    Let someone else look at it. The problem might be something stupid related to user error.
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