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  1. What to do with deceased persons guns?

    Asking for a friend. His grandfather died 5 years ago and had a few shotguns and a pistol, i guess they were in a storage cabinet that never got cleaned out. He was a hunter and as far as he knows they were registered? He hadnt been hunting in 15-20 years so im betting all licenses etc were...
  2. New member, and membership

    Thats right near me! Like 15mins i never knew about them ty very much
  3. New member, and membership

    This is excellent advice thanks so much! Glad i posted here!
  4. New member, and membership

    Thanks i am watching! I just need to learn how it works 100% now, trying to understand terminology etc right now and the process of transfer etc.
  5. New member, and membership

    Hello all, newly licensed, new member and just purchased green! From central MA and dont know anybody into firearms so its been a bit intimidating, but with everything going on i really thought it was time to get it! I knew MA was annoying about 2A, but now im living it lol. For example i just...
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