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  1. Deals and steals

    That’s a worse deal than yesterday. Yesterday they were $450 with a $100 rebate making it $350 total. Today it’s $540 with 13% off ($70) and a $100 rebate making it $370 total.
  2. Deals and steals

    RMR’s are normally $420 and if you catch a sale they can be around $400. This is by far the cheapest I’ve seen in a very long time. They’re probably trying to dump inventory because they released the RMR HD.
  3. All things, MA non-resident LTC

    Since it’s specifically involving non-residents who reside in different states (find plaintiffs from 10+ states) suing MA would that make it a federal level court case? There has to be a way to word it so MA couldn’t moot is by issuing LTC’s. State it so it’s a long standard process going back...
  4. WTS EOtech EXPS-2 OPMOD

  5. Ridgeline 2023

    @nightpoison I’m not calling you out specifically in regards to your specific handgun or you gear. I’m just talking in general based on what I’ve seen first hand. The 365 is a good gun, I own two of them myself. 10 round magazines are typically fine to use but so many other subcompact guns...
  6. Ridgeline 2023

    It’s a “combative” class, just my opinion which isn’t worth crap but that’s different than a “concealed” style class. Ultimately shoot whatever you want. If you can rock a small carry gun and be fast and accurate then more power to you.
  7. Ridgeline 2023

    - capacity, you will need more mags, more reloads and it throws off the cadence of running drills with others. - shorter barrel might not create enough velocity to knock down steel. - caliber, same as above if using something like a 380. - commonality and availability or holsters, mounts, mag...
  8. Ridgeline 2023

    If you have enough committed people, you could always request a private class.
  9. Ridgeline 2023

    I believe they said recently sometime in October they will release a new schedule. I’m looking forward to taking a class there as well.
  10. WTS EOtech EXPS-2 OPMOD

    EOtech EXPS-2 OPMOD This is the 2 dot reticle. $425 I accept cash, PayPal F&F or Venmo. Has a few very minor marks on the hood but otherwise very clean. Can meet somewhere from southern New Hampshire from Portsmouth to Nashua down to 95 on the North shore area out to Marlborough.
  11. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    Nice, I wasn’t aware they were out. Maybe I’ll get one and try it out.
  12. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    I’m getting some more Surefire’s eventually. It’s easier since I already have switches and tailcaps. I only have one Modlite left, it’s a PLHV2 set up as handheld light.
  13. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    All companies have their pros and cons, but Surefire is the gold standard tried and trued. Cloud Defensive- Pros: great output, great pattern, good hotspot, mounting options. Cons: specific tail cap and switch. Modlite- Pros: great output, great pattern, good hotspot, mounting options, used...
  14. Forum Ideas

    @Admin Let’s bring the man back to his own 18 year old thread and make it happen.
  15. Forum Ideas

    I’d love to mute him, but then he will just text me or show up at my house for a conjugal.
  16. Forum Ideas

    Sorry, I should correct it, let me try again. MA - extremely rare gen 2 Glock 23, customized with a cracked u notch preban mag and 30+ year old dead night sights. $1600 FIRM! I know what I have.
  17. Forum Ideas

    How about a mandatory state drop-down in the title of all classifieds. Put it at the beginning of the title. Example: NH- gen 2 Glock 19, EXTREMELY RARE, customized $150000000000
  18. What is your "Long Range" Rifle Platform?

    Looks like a Area419 scope base and scope rings.
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