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  1. F Class or Ftr

    There are usually F / FTR classes at the area prone matches. Check in with clubs that have 600 yard ranges.
  2. Looking for a club.

    People actually pay money to shoot there? Why?
  3. Looking for a club.

  4. Suppressor options for .300 Blackout SBR

    I think they do (or did?) make a pistol brace version but the one I ordered has a foldable stock.
  5. Suppressor options for .300 Blackout SBR

    I’ve been looking into that one. Still waiting on the SBR to clear paperwork so I haven’t “pulled the trigger” on a can yet, but I like the idea of keeping it all Sig so if it doesn’t work well I can bring the whole mess to Epping.
  6. Pelham Fish & Game Club Land Sale

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen him shoot anything worse than a wide 9. Nice guy too.
  7. Pelham Fish & Game Club Land Sale

    I figured. Bob is a good dude.
  8. Pelham Fish & Game Club Land Sale

    When they first built their 600 yard range a few years back they ran some pretty good matches. I hope they get their shit together.
  9. Shooting at 200 yards.

    No, that depends on whether you have a right twist or left twist barrel.
  10. Shooting at 200 yards.

    The guy is shooting in 15 knot winds. He probably needs recommendations for meteorology programs.
  11. Shooting at 200 yards.

    I still mostly think in yards and MOA myself because that’s how I was taught a million years ago. I’ve also shot a few decent strings on known distance courses over the years. That said, range estimation is absolutely easier with mils, and if you’re reducing error by more accurately estimating...
  12. Shooting at 200 yards.

    It’s easier (so more accurate) to estimate the range of a known object using mils. If an adult male (6 foot or 2 yards tall) is 4 mils tall in your scope then he’s 2000/4 = 500 yards away. If that same 6’ guy is 8 mills tall, he’s 2000/8 = 250 yards away. Object size in yards X 1000 divided by...
  13. Shooting at 200 yards.

    That’s a shitload of wind.
  14. please delete this question, thank you

    Do they have Cabella’s in Canada?
  15. please delete this question, thank you

    Don’t be sorey!
  16. MURS handhelds?

    Man, old thread. I still have the old Kenwood MURS handhelds somewhere but I haven’t used them in years. Most of the off-road groups i participate with have standardized on GMRS, and there are excellent GMRS type certified (legal) mobile and handheld radios out there that work great in the...
  17. taliban shopping mall

    Pretty common throughout history to take your vanquished enemy’s weapon as a trophy.
  18. Boston globe Mill article

    They’ll plant a few of those types, just like they do here.
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