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  1. Bump Stock Bill with National Reciprocity in it?

    Hasn't the bill been stalled indefinitely?
  2. EOPS List 9-2017

    LCRX in .22lr is on the list [smile]
  3. Ruger MKIV Recall

    Does the trigger feel any different than stock. I am hesitant to send mine back. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  4. Ruger MKIV Recall

    The only reason I'm sending mine back is to get the free magazine they offer you.
  5. Received an email from Ruger regarding the LCRx in .22lr

    Hopefully we see them soon, I've been looking for a decently priced kit gun. Mike
  6. CCI Mini Mags

    Maybe I just need to break it in, I have less than 300 rounds through it.
  7. CCI Mini Mags

    Your not having trouble with GB? I'm getting FTF with those.
  8. CCI Mini Mags

    Hi Slap, I am having trouble with my Mark IV. Here is what i posted in another forum I am not sure if it is a firearm issue or an ammo issue. In the last week I have purchased the following .22lr to see if it is an ammo problem. I havent had a chance to go to the range yet to test them.
  9. CCI Mini Mags

    Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I went to a shop today and they had Aguila Super extra and I decided to pick up a brick and see if it runs through my Mark IV. Mike
  10. CCI Mini Mags

    Does anyone know whee I can find some? I need to break in a firearm. Thanks in advance. Mike
  11. Need new washer and dryer (and a good dealer)

    Stay away from High Efficiency washers, they simply dont do the job.
  12. ATF says it is now legal to shoulder arm brace

    I hope this is true.
  13. Save 10% when you purchase a new Browning by 4/30/17 Sorry if this is a dupe.
  14. Ruger P95

  15. Clowns.

    Not a fan of clowns, but Homey is my favorite by far, he is the only one that can make me laugh
  16. Mass Compliant Sig P320??????

    Hi Yanici, just wondering what the price tag was at FS. Thanks, Mike
  17. New iron curtain handgun list posted

    I noticed the Sig p320 in all calibers are on the list, wondering how long it will take until we see them on the shelves.
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