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  1. Vintage D'Holder Drop Point

    Vintage 1970s D'holder. This knife was hand made by American knife maker D'alton Holder. The knife is in VG to Exc condition and comes with original D'holder leather sheath. Overall length is 5.75". The blade is a 2.5" drop point skinner. Razor sharp and holds an excellent edge.
  2. Anyone else having issues not showing logged in on some threads?

    The problem persists: when on the Forum List page, it appears that I am not logged in. (Therefore I cannot access the "Off Topic" forum.) When I reading individual forums, it appears as if I am logged in.
  3. Anyone else having issues not showing logged in on some threads?

    Same thing going on here. First noticed it last weekend. Also getting a security problem (or error) banner
  4. 1970s handmade D'holder fixed blade skinner

    1970s D'holder fixed blade. Handmade by D'Alton Holder. Overall length 5.5". Blade 2.5" drop point skinner. Razor sharp, it holds a terrific edge. In original leather sheath. Knife and sheath are in great condition. $475.00
  5. Vintage 60s Kabar 1207 Hunting knife $95.00

    For sale is a 1960s Kabar 1207 hunting knife. Overall length 11". Blade 6". In original Kabar leather sheath. Knife and sheath are both in great condition. $95.00
  6. "Privileges"

    Thanks guys. All set. My membership HAD xpired and has now been renewed.
  7. "Privileges"

    Thank you - I'll check. Maybe membership has expired! I loose track of everything these days.
  8. "Privileges"

    I can't find the information anywhere on the site, nor anyone to contact, so can someone tell me what "privileges" are required to post in the classifieds? At the bottom of the window I see that I don't have the privileges to post. I've been able to post and sell firearms in the past. I'd like...
  9. Surefire flashlights

    I bought two Fenex flashlights. One is still working. One crapped out very quickly. Fenix replaced it. The replacement crapped out. Fenix replaced it. Now, this one too has crapped out. I'm done with it. Though the defective lights were replaced, customer service was so difficult to deal with...
  10. Need a plumber - Burlington, MA

    It's an old valve - in the basement - for the out side faucet. Shut it down a while ago. The old brass nut split.
  11. Can't post to Off Topic

    Tried posting to Off Topic, by my post is going to Job Ads. Can't find a way around this. Karl
  12. Need a plumber - Burlington, MA

    Hi - Need a plumber. Have a shutoff valve that is leaking and needs replacing. ASAP. Thank you. Karl W1ZHU
  13. Ham class on North Shore

    You can check out Ham Test Online. It's not a free course, but is is set up well. You can learn just the basics you will need to pass any of the exams, but it also allows you to dig as deeply into each question/topic as your heart desires.
  14. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    The gun shop in Acton was Nimrod's. Good place. I purchased a few guns there. Actually too the required MA firearms training there prior to getting my permit. Service Merchandise: the one in Burlington had a real nice gun counter. I bought my first gun there, in the early 70s. A Ruger 10/22...
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