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  1. 12 gauge turkey loads

    the heavier the better so whatever you can handle. turkeys are tough. i use 3.5inch 2.25ounce load of number 4's. havnt had to shoot a bird twice yet. all tagged out for this season.
  2. Carp anybody??

    anywhere on the blackstone river, anytime of the year. wonder bread is the trick. i've cought thousands of carp, the average on my part of the river is 7-10lbs. can go catch6 of them now in an hour. my persnal biggest was 14.5, but my freand pulled a 20lb out late one night.
  3. .38 snubby ammo ?

    let us know what you think of them. i recently picked up a model 10 and i was also looking for a good carry round.
  4. Ice Fishing Day

    we hit a couple 3lb bass but nothing that big. i did catch a 14in bass that got bitten by a pike on the pull in, looked like a shark tried to rip it in half, it's guts were hanging out.
  5. Ice Fishing Day

    not true, there's pics of proof, we get our bait at the same place. i've personally seen pike nearly this big come out of there. i know most don't belive it but that's ok, more water space for me :)
  6. What is the best gun for predator hunting?

    in part of mass. that i live in, we're not going to get many shoots outside of 100yds. i shoot a 22mag, it's quite, strong enough to do the job and easy to carry. i picked up a marlin 25m a while ago for 125.00. the thing is a tack driver out to 100+yds.
  7. OK - Homeowner Shoots 14-Year Old Intruder

    carnal knowlage??
  8. S&W 629 and Chinese ammo = Boom

    i think we need a story with this one.
  9. S&W 629 and Chinese ammo = Boom

    um, wow...
  10. Ice Fishing Day

    i know the crappie are edible in manchaug, we were hitting 1lb crappie all day. last friday someone pulled out a 8.5lb bass and a 26lb pike.
  11. Ice Fishing Help

    serously 15-20 ft! have you ever had a fish only run 15ft before you got to it. at least 200ft.
  12. s&w model 10 question

    thank's alot.
  13. Ice Fishing Day

    last week we killed em on A1. yesterday we got skunked on lake chauncy. today we killed em on manchaug lake.

    yah that sounded like a big gun to be blindly fireing into the woods.
  15. s&w model 10 question

    i recently picked up a used model 10 .38 speacial. great gun, and a blast to shoot. my problem is i've searched and searched and can't seem to find out when it was made. i can find info on all serial numbers but this one. BSP10xx i know i can probally call smith and wesson but if someone knows...
  16. Frustrating morning but good way to start the season

    here's another. in my stand by 5a.m. about 530ish a deer trotted by my stand, to dark just let it go. saw nothing else. tomorrow i'll get em. goodluck everyone.
  17. Camp Edwards Deer Hunt 2010

    I think there's a deadline right? I applied last two years, heard nothing back. I think i forgot this year.
  18. Quick hunting question:

    Of coarse it's owned by someone but if they don't have sign's up they don't mind you being there. ;)
  19. What do you consider a 'shooter' buck in MA?

    personally if it does,nt have spots and it gives me a shot it's dead. Priority number one is feeding myself all year. After i have one in the freezer then mabey i look for a trophy.
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