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  1. Website every one should visit--IMPORTANT

    I found this site a few weeks ago, and my wife is upset about the guy next door... Can anyone tell me what this means? 53-21(2) - Injury or risk of injury to or impairing morals of children I own a condo, and the kid NEXT DOOR is listed...NEXT DOOR!! I also have an 8 month old daughter...
  2. M&P 40 help

    I have that same gun... Had that problem on the 1st 50 rounds... also had rounds get jammed on the feed ramp. I polished the feed ramp with some metal polish..fixed the jams on the feed ramp.... the other problem has not happened sense. I just shot 250 rounds last weekend, no problems. I...
  3. Something went bump in the night...and I learned some very important lessons.

    As many have alread said, a dog is great. Many people would think twice when there is a god in the house.
  4. Big-E Gun Show / March 8 & 9th

    There are dealers there from CT that will do the transfer right there. You just have to pick it up at there location in CT. Or they can ship it to your FFL.
  5. Smith & Wesson M&P semi-autos

    Jim Conway – I suggest you keep your opinion to yourself. I own the M&P and love it, I have no problem pulling the trigger and hitting my targets. Just because you can’t does not make it a bad gun.
  6. indoor national championship

    Anyone going to the 2008 S&W IDPA indoor national championship in Springfield MA Feb. 21 - 23? Can we go and watch? or is for competitors only.
  7. I'm Moving out of MA!!!

    Thats fantastic, I know a lot of good people working with US customs at Bradley Int'l airport. Keep us posted, good luck and safe.
  8. laws to building an AR

    I have read a few threads about people building there own AR. Is there any laws about buying the parts online and building one? Don't you have to register them like a hand gun?
  9. Quote message in reply?

    Thanks guys, I'm not a piad member yet......
  10. Quote message in reply?

    how do you add a quote to your message???
  11. Going to re-join the Guard today!

    Congratulations on your decision. I wish you the best.
  12. safes

    no BillK, I'm looking for a short, long safe to put rifles and shotguns in. The top would open. I have small kids so a "linen chest" be worthless. I already have a safe for my hand guns
  13. safes

    has anyone ever seen a safe that is the size of a foot locker? I'm looking for a safe, to put at the foot of our bed like a foot locker. I own several hand guns and the wife said I cant get a shot gun or rifle until I get a larger safe. I do not have a basement or garage, or anywhere to put a...
  14. CT Carry Law

    although there is no writen law in CT, when you take your permit class they all tell you to keep it concealed. I thought it was the law, but when trying to look up gun laws in CT, all the gun laws are so gray, and can be understood in many ways. Everyone I know who has there permit conceals...
  15. Remington Arms Plant Ignites Into Flames
  16. Inside the pant holster?

    Does anyone have an inside the pant holster? If so do you like it? I'm looking for a comfortable concealed carry holster for an S&W M&P .40 compact.. I just dont know about an inside the pants holster. Link to what I'm looking at...
  17. Looking for LTC-B compliant pistol

    I have the M&P .40 compact, and I love it, great gun. Would be a great choice.
  18. CT Gun Law:

    Unlawful transfer of a firearm, you both are going to jail. A firearm is registered to one person and one person only, the only time anyone can shoot your firearm legaly is at a range with you right there with them. Bull*$%# laws. a women can't defend herself in her own home from an...
  19. CT Gun Law:

    What gun law is being broke here..... Someone enters your home, is threatening your wife with a weapon, knife, gun, bat, chainsaw, whatever... your wife being legal to own/carry a firearm, goes into the safe and gets one of your guns, and shoots this person who could have hurt or killed...
  20. Boston Gun Rage!

    I would call and ask for a manager,.. you should be able to use a gift cert for anything in the store, it should be as good as cash.
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