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  1. Will there be a next Civil War?

    Not an unknown at all. Most will abandon their posts and take their equipment with them. Revolution or Civil War-same thing now. It will be the .gov in power vs a civilian populace. Much like we see in Iraq/Afghanistan- a population with some AKs and the Hajji equivalent to Radio Shack has...
  2. Why isn't .30 carbine more popular?

    Never quite understood-why the .30 Carbine round when the .357 was already available. The platform notwithstanding (excellent by all accounts) It seems wasteful to come up with a new round when all the infrastructure is already available in something else. Feel free to school me...
  3. End of an era - the CH-46.

    Of course. And that's not the only one either. Every try to pop start a Phrog? - - - Updated - - - My old squadron HMM-261. Call sign Elvis. My BUNO was 6421.
  4. how did you learn basic MARKSMENSHIP?

    Parris Island...
  5. Anyone burn coal? I have some questions

    I have 3 coal stoves and love them all. One triple fuel that does oil, wood and coal. One Alaska that burns rice, and a little railroad stove in the garage for reloading. The rice works just like pellets except I get twice the BTUs. The other two use nut. If this is your stuff, put it into...
  6. So with these two fugitives in NY, what's the legality of law enforcement to search

    Nah-that's a one way street even as the words are uttered. You'd have to crack the door aiming a rifle.
  7. So with these two fugitives in NY, what's the legality of law enforcement to search

    So what if you say "I do not consent and will resist any attempt to do so with lethal force"?
  8. So with these two fugitives in NY, what's the legality of law enforcement to search

    Its been a week. By now they should be CanadiAN.
  9. Worcester Police Release First Year Results of ShotSpotter

    It is NEVER, EVER, someone else's money. You and I pay for it via greater pricing due to greater freight charges. Again- It is NEVER, EVER, someone else's money.
  10. End of an era - the CH-46.

    I will be attending the final flight in Aug with some of my compadres. I logged over 2000 hours in the back of a Phrog and at least a few dozen in the front of one, none were younger than I. I also crewed 53D models in the reserves at Willow Grove. The State Department now owns a ton of Phrogs...
  11. Glock Factory Refinishing - MA limitations

    For a nominal fee, I will happily affect your Glock frame's functionality with my Sig...
  12. Just thought of a sure food getter.

    Best bet is about a dozen rat traps.
  13. "Number One With A Bullet" video

    Love his video on the Radical Muslim Minority.
  14. MA LTC how do I carry in NY?

    My experience (albeit out of date, my permit is 15 years old) is that NR permits are pretty much unicorns, they pretty much are nonexistent. I have property there and my permit is registered to that property and my residency was NY at the time. I no longer have residency in NY, but I still have...
  15. Laws regarding online ammo orders in MA

    Only to those who have signed it.
  16. Bug in at almost all costs

    I will bug in. One way in with flank security. I have a small garden and a big front and back lawn to turn into gardens. Apple orchard within 1/8 mile. Lots of wilds and plentiful game. Swamp and pond for fish, amphibians, and fresh water. Have peppered this with various varieties of other...
  17. Letter to the editor: We need national handgun registration

    My response. Hand wringing drivel. Not to mention false. But let's say we go with it. 18 year olds can now register cars. Any car. Those cars can be driven out in the open in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. Any car not operated on public roads does not need to be registered at all, nor...
  18. New manufacture Walther PPK

    Bought mine for a song back in '85 in NY before I could actually own a pistol. Barrel near smooth from being shot. Unreliable at first, LGS did a ramp and trigger job and it ran like a top after that. I like it as formal wear. Nothing says class like a PPK under your suit at a wedding.
  19. gun ID please

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