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  1. One lucky winner

    Because we have teeth
  2. Lauren Boebert goes off on ATF

    Boebert was not emotionally and spiritually prepared for the sudden political life. Her overly dramatic speeches gave the appearance of a junior high girl seeking attention. While I know nothing about her family, i feel for her 4 boys and husband who probably feel like mom lives on another planet.
  3. 357 Lever Action

    ^this i stupidly sold my Uberti 1873 .357 mag lever action when I was still in MA. very cool rifle on par with the Uberti colt SAA clones. Super fun and value firearms. Henry rifles are nice but ever since pandemic they’re overpriced for what they are.
  4. Maine vs New Hampshire vs Pennsylvania [hypothetical move]

    Step 1 is ditching manufactured concepts like “assault weapon”. It’s just an SBR with a can. And once one owns a few of them the allure wears off. i speak from experience as I’m now back into RC kits since the suppressor boner went limp after ~2 years. but it was a fine boner for those few years!
  5. Chattanooga looking better every day

    my experience moving back and forth between north and south is that they’re worried we are bringing Yankee baggage, diseases and ideas with us. Once they realize I make them look like a lib they usually warm right up.
  6. Gun Confiscation Due to OUI in MA

    An individual under LE’s microscope, who thinks they know all the possible outcomes, is a complete fool. There are way too many routes for a PD in Mass to jam someone up to even consider interactions without legal representation. I’m not saying it should be this way….what you folks call it...
  7. BCM and MA

    ^this Circa 2017 their products were worth it. Now there’s simply too many solid manufacturers to justify BCM as anything special. I’d go with a SOLGW or PWS uppers for similar prices with much better features.
  8. Kittery trading post

    by this argument Alec Baldwin did nothing wrong. All firearms are always loaded. Trust is not part of safety protocol. Perhaps the use of chamber flags could have mitigated idiotic behavior leading to the ND.
  9. What's up with this used LCR 22lr on GB?

    @Bostonbbop the LCR 22 and 38 models have an aluminum (not steel) frame. the visible marks are from a steel cylinder smacking into aluminum. rimfire revolvers have very heavy triggers to ensure ignition. I don’t really bother w double action rimfire revolvers as the triggers get annoying. Be...
  10. Deals and steals

  11. Deals and steals

    XLR industries running 20-30%. my XLR chassis for the howa short action has been excellent. my only complaint with the aluminum chassis is they get ass cold compared to polymer or wood, but that's more of an aluminum gripe than anything else.
  12. WTS Glock 23 preban magazines

    BTT + price dropped
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