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  1. Ladyseed @HSC October 20th

    If you, or some lady in your life might be interested in an Appleseed, we've got a Ladyseed on the calendar: citizen | Project Appleseed
  2. Leyden AR-seed is back! September 29th-30th!

    Want to try an ACOG?
  3. Leyden, MA 10/15-16 AR-Seed round two.

    We're back - I know it's late notice, but we're doing this again! Leyden AR-seed is back! September 29th-30th!
  4. Leyden AR-seed is back! September 29th-30th!

    It's on the calendar, and tickets are available. citizen | Project Appleseed location | Project Appleseed Stuff we plan to cover: Trajectory - comeups, battle-sight-zero, when to hold over vs dial, and the impact of sight offset. Verified practical trajectory at ranges from 3 yards to 200...
  5. Appleseed: Harvard April 21-22, 2018

    Parry beat me to it - I just got confirmation that Pelham, NH is posted, and will have some top notch MA folks instructing there. We can also see about Hopkinton (though it's a big ask to shut down the whole rifle range), and there's still space in Mansfield and Leyden as of this morning.
  6. Appleseed: Harvard April 21-22, 2018

    Unfortunately, I was a little behind getting this scheduled so we only have the 65 yard range at HSC - that means we can fit about 20-25 people. I'm looking for options, and we might be able to get Leominster - I'll let you guys know soon.
  7. Winterseed - Harvard Sportsmen's Club, 2/18/2018

    Very well - 11 Shooters, 6 Riflemen, and some very nice winter weather! It was a great bunch. I'm giving our new SBIT to write up an AAR...
  8. The Liberty Training Rifle

    We can usually arrange deep pile snow. I find the best shooting shed is actually a 3 part ensemble - good boots, good overalls, and a good oversize shell coat. You then get total control over your heating, cooling, and insulation, and it's extremely portable.
  9. The Liberty Training Rifle

    The MA schedule should be up in another week or so, but we've already got the Harvard Winterseed and some Leyden shoots on the calendar. Hope to see you at one.
  10. Winterseed - Harvard Sportsmen's Club, 2/18/2018

    All, The Winterseed bragging rights are once again available. Come out to Harvard in the middle of February for this year's version. Past Harvard Winterseeds have included: * Temperatures of -19F, before windchill. * Blizzards. * Teenage girls outshooting (and out-trash-talking) all comers *...
  11. **Alert** Public Hearing - State House - 11/16/17 Please Attend!

    If you're here, I'm wearing the C&Rsenal shirt.
  12. Linsky's Amendment is back in play - Call your rep NOW!

    Just called all the committee members, most people asked if I was calling about the Linsky amendment and took name, one specifically made a point to mention that they preferred the Senate language.
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