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  1. Active shooter scenario training for school

    We have plain clothes, armed security on site every day 😉. Like I said… this place is doing things RIGHT. Even had austere medical training for 60% of the staff last year. Everyone is now training to use an IFAK, and every room has a dump bag with IFAKS. We did this shortly after Uvalde
  2. Active shooter scenario training for school

    I guarantee you this school is unlike any school you’ve ever worked with. Thanks for your input. But the pd relies HEAVILY on PD response, Promising the client a sub 2 min response time. Bullshit. For all intents and purposes, I AM the superintendent… and I’m relying on this PARTICULAR...
  3. Active shooter scenario training for school

    Hey guys. Figured this was the best spot to reach out. One of my clients is interested in getting a specialized company to come in and do a 2 hour “active shooter” training scenario for the staff. They’re looking for a “run hide fight” type of breakdown. As of the past 10 years, they’ve been...
  4. Your favorite handguns designed for TEN

    Another vote for the hk45. Also, P30L
  5. Help buying a Holster

    I second these questions. I’ve dealt with the same issues as OP in the beginning when I first started carrying, and 10 out of times, it was simply the holster. What holster are you currently using? research more holsters and find the one that’s most comfortable for you. There’s a trillion...
  6. ESP LtD BB-600 Baritone guitar for listed pistol/rifle.

    Looking to sell (or trade) this guitar. Bought it brand new back in nov. Paid over $1600 for it. Still in brand new mint condition other than a couple VERY light marks on the hard case it came with, from storage. Look this guitar up if you’re not familiar. Breaking Benjamin signature guitar...
  7. intrigued by certain guns

    HK Mk23. No need for it whatsoever… just want one for the “I’ve got that” factor.
  8. Tactical training

    Centermass firearms training. Scott is EXCELLENT.
  9. Looking for some high velocity 9mm

    Underwood /thread
  10. Recommend a trauma kit

    I strongly second this. I used these guys to train my staff, and everyone walked away knowing SO much more than they thought they would. Hands on training using the exact equipment contained in one of the higher end IFAK kits. They also have NAR IFAKS available for purchase on hand during the...
  11. WTB Desert Eagle, .44, brushed chrome w/ gold accents

    I know this is a long shot.... But i had this gun about 15 years ago, and stupidly sold it to Ware Gun shop. If someone has it and wants to part with it, or knows someone whos got it..... let me know. Looking to buy it back as it now has sentimental value. The pistol is a 44. brushed chrome...
  12. How are you carrying full-size .45s?

    I carry a HK45 daily in the colder months, for work. GIANT pistol, but it disappears in both my Red River Tactical IWB, as well as my GearCraft IWB holsters. I carry it between 3 and 4 o'clock
  13. Pennsylvania legalizes auto knives

    Thanks for looking!!
  14. Pennsylvania legalizes auto knives

    I've mistakenly taken out my Benchmade Adamas auto, thinking it was my Adamas folder before. Living in MA had me shitting my pants when I realized the mistake while driving with a recently dead headlight.
  15. Pennsylvania legalizes auto knives

    @In God We Trust, where can one find (in writing) that its a misdemeanor and fine for first offense? I've looked after reading this, but my google-fu must be off.. .as all i can find is MA laws, but no punishment breakdowns. I've heard a LOT of conflicting info regarding this, including what...
  16. Quality auto’s in NH?

    Checked out some good spots! Thanks for all the input guys!! For future reference, in case anyone references back to this thread… hands down best knife shop I’ve found out here is “army barracks” in Conway. They’ve got 4-5x the selection of all the other shops I hit. Amazing prices, and an...
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