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  1. What's your favorite "Go To" firearm for fun at the range?

    CZ527 in x39 and banging steel at 100 yards. Just a super little rifle. Also the Marlin XT-22 for fun at 50 yards for new shooters and kids. Lots of friends & families love to shoot my Les Baer 1911 with the Marvell Precision 22lr conversion on it.
  2. Greg Narinian-Hye Tech Armaments RIP

    Damn... he was a hell of a nice guy to b.s. with. RIP Greg.
  3. Accurate, light, fairly inexpensive rifle suggestion.

    +1 Bergara B-14 series. Felt better in my hands than that Tikka, but can't go wrong with either of those two.
  4. Website critique…

    One thing I noticed (PC, Brave Browser 1.46.140) is "Guides" on the bottom menu is offset vertically (and blank). I too will swing in next time I'm in Littleton. :)
  5. Pepper spray questions

    I think there are some gel types that shoot a steam, and not a fog. <insert jokes here>
  6. 1911 Gunsmith in Eastern MA?

    Call Greg then, I sent him an email and he replied the same day and told me to call him up. I also tried Lou for some work on my Les Baer and never even got a reply. :|
  7. 1911 Gunsmith in Eastern MA?

  8. Derr Precision Man Candy Colt

    Superlative stuff, Greg! Just beautiful.
  9. Gartman Arms Temporarily Closed

    Sorry to hear. Best wishes for you and yours.
  10. 1911 Gunsmith in Eastern MA?

    I dunno, a couple months ago he did something for me I wouldn't exactly call major. Probably took him 30-45 minutes. I say give him a call. He's a hell of guy to just chit chat with... and it's not terrible ride to his place. He's got TONS to show and tell. I can't recommend getting in touch...
  11. Ambushed: 2 Bristol, CT Policemen Dead

    Yes, same HS as me (nowhere near the same time). He was from the Lake Ave area iirc, which is gang central.
  12. Ambushed: 2 Bristol, CT Policemen Dead

    My folks moved out about 10 years ago, and I haven't been back since, still in touch with a couple old GFs and can confirm "some parts are no-go territory".
  13. Ambushed: 2 Bristol, CT Policemen Dead

    Truth. I grew up there. I remember in the 80's when those little crowns started showing up in too many cars down on Lake Ave et. al. We weren't all too concerned, but in the 90s-00's... oof. f***ers were everywhere. This is a stones toss away from ESPN HQ, too. This sucks, I knew a couple...
  14. We The People holsters

    Have a few, they work, good buy for the money.
  15. Range bag recommendations?

    100% this. Got the Rigid version and I'll never go back to bags. So much easier to transport.
  16. Gonna be near the Mill today

    I'll second this. @Whiskeywon is a classy dude and takes care of his peeps.
  17. DELETE

    I'd posit that you are going to the wrong gun stores.
  18. AR-9's - Teach Me

    You actually turned me on to them a long time ago when I posted here about an AR9. I used to use a mag drop in and PWS lower. I managed to get a YHM Colt SMG lower (shout out to Whiskeywon) and it runs like an absolute top.
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