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  1. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  2. DIY Cartel Boss .45

    While I have no opinion on the disgraceful and disgusting butchering of a firearm, I figured I'd add my .02 cents on a possible solution. If you're looking to add the gold look, and aren't hoping it will stand up to combat type weapons abuse, perhaps gold leaf foil pressed into engraving would...
  3. PVFNRA Raffle is back!! 31 guns in 31 Days

    $5O sent via pp for 2 tickets PM sent with info
  4. Blank firing machine guns

    Not trying to be a wise ass, but why would anyone want one? Seems like an oversized noisemakers to me. If I'm looking for full auto fun without the NFA issues id be more likely to go for one of the readily available bump triggers or stocks. I also have a couple of full auto .177 caliber bb guns...
  5. Thoughs on Gun Store Online Inventory?

    I think what stops most shops from doing this is the simple fact that they don't have to. A majority of shops either have little or no web inventory, so if the competition isn't doing it, I don't need to do it either. As new shops open up or older shops are taken over by a younger generation of...
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