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  1. Today’s finest gun manufacturer is…

    Do you shoot the VP9 noticeably better?
  2. My Guns Thread from start to future

    Needs more "camo". Because I wrote camo Google is now sending me this article. Pretty cool urban camo.
  3. My Guns Thread from start to future

    I've always wanted to check out a Tops knife. Especially after the movie The Hunted. Ofcourse you got the most Rambo like one. 👍
  4. Boston City Council considering new ways to curb gun violence🙄

    To flatten the curve? On another note I'm seeing a few stop HD4420 yard signs. Where are people getting them?
  5. This is part of why I'm an "armed Jew"

    Maybe just some "payos" the curly sideburns?
  6. What did you do to your firearm today.

    What BCG is that in the Banshee? Do any other AR-9s have a forward assist?
  7. Deals and steals

    Wonder how it compares to new Holosun. Definitely seems bigger.
  8. N/D Of The Week

    "Thee Stallion" rap name unlocked.
  9. Knock off surefire?

    I just took a look at the x300 mounted to my Glock and the tip looks very worn butalso the lens!
  10. C&H Precision expansion

    I have a 509t and kinda forgot this used the same mount. I don't think I'd mount it to a pistol but maybe as a offset for a rifle.
  11. C&H Precision expansion

    I just got the Holosun SCRS and it's pretty frigging great. Not a pistol optic but it's even cheaper than thr C&H offerings with a little mount and multi reticle!?
  12. C&H Precision expansion

    I just noticed they're making optics now. One looks like a SRO knock off. Price point seems pretty good.
  13. BEC Tactical Commander

    That ball cut on the dust cover is awesome.
  14. AR build in MA. Now AR-9!

    Holosun SCRS has finally shipped after ordering back in April! Sight performed great. Before heading to the range I noticed the buffer seemed to be loose!? The castle nut was loose somehow. I guess the shop I paid to assemble while I waited didn't do a great job... then at the range the...
  15. NES mega millions pool August 4 drawing

    Must be an old one. That actually looks like an attractive female.
  16. Eversource Power Outage 7/22/2023

    We didn't lose power here. Unless it was earlier when we were swimming.
  17. Out of ammo, another drought coming?

    After they take all our guns maybe they'll just take our ammo too?
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