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  1. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    Like, my living situation changed and i only have access to one gun for now. I chose the G19 over the 642. Not literal downsizing!
  2. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    Revolvers are cool. I carry a 642 when i need to grab and go and cant really dress around a gun. It disappears comfortably at 3-4:00 which i cant do with my g19, or if i need to pocket carry. Im at a point in my life where ive legitimately needed to downsize to one gun, and while i love my snub...
  3. SD9 or Shield 2.0? Help me out

    I would avoid the sd9. The shield is a good reliable pistol but definitely not a do it all gun.
  4. Wedding Gun

    This thread is all for fun, though it may influence a decision regarding my impending nuptials.* So im getting married in september, and as i sit here thinking about the rest of my life, i, like many in nes, started thinking about the gun im going to carry on my wedding day. I started to think...
  5. Gun goals

    1. Shoot more this summer, like once per week. 2. Finish the builds i have going 3. Shoot more this summer, like once per week
  6. People Who Conceal Full Size Handguns

    Fwiw im 5-7, 145 and carry a g19 with a 17rd mag aiwb in the summer. It actually conceals much better than anything at 4 oclock.
  7. 18” AR barrel w/ mid Length Gas System?

    Their stealth is heavier than the predatAR. All you get out the 2” of barrel is velocity. I also think it looks cooler but thats just my taste.
  8. Packing the court

    So....about the 13th amendment...
  9. Gun cleaning - what do you use?

    When i clean i hose everything down with safariland clp. Let it sit while i shotgun a natty ice. Then i wipe it off with a rag. Shotgun another natty ice. Then i put a light layer of clp on stuff where it seems necessary. Close out with a 3rd natty ice (sipped).
  10. Opinion please: 357 magnum or sig

    Depends on your needs. If it were my only gun, if i didnt have a semiauto pistol, id probably choose .357 sig. if you were in a little deeper id go .357 mag.
  11. The Open Carry Warzone (enter at own risk)

    Ive never openly carried outside my home in MA. Years ago i took a trip to NH for a day and tried it out to see what it was like. ill admit, it wasnt the smartest thing ive ever done. All i had was a $5 uncle mikes nylon holster. It would have been seriously easy for someone to snatch my pistol...
  12. Hadn't seen it posted yet - M&P Shield now with 13 rounds

    Wondering if the new plus mags will work in old shields. That would be a nice perk for a lot of people.
  13. Deals and steals

    Aero precision barrelled uppers in stock at optics planet. I had a negative experience with them several years ago and said never again, but i rolled the dice due to these trying times. several models available for 400-$420. coupon HONEY gets 5% off. Pray for my shipment NESers, pray.
  14. Deals and steals

    Came across this, not really a deal or a steal but puts things in perspective: midway has the same upper that this thread started with (like $200 at the time) for over $500 now:
  15. Deals and steals

    The file cabinet idea is a good one. I found a large multi shelf locking cabinet on the side of the road which works really well. If you can't find one free, it might be worth your time to look into something thats not gun related. Its not really a safe but works for this purpose pretty well i...
  16. Deals and steals

    This is roughly what i was eluding to. There were some i found recently but waffled and theyre not available anymore. Im looking for aero but open to other stuff too.
  17. Deals and steals

    Looking for an 18” or 20” upper with ir without bcg/ch - if anyone comes across something thats midrange quality (400-600$) let me know!
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