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  1. Video Compilation of Do's and Donts with guns

    Funny and scary at the same time
  2. How to transfer blackpowder rifle.

    I can attest to this.......My father purchased a BP Handgun for me for my b-day and shipped it out to me from Oregon via the USPS
  3. Hero or Dumbass?

    Dumbass.... watched too many reruns of TJ Hooker and CHIPS

    I wonder if they will sell a 10 rnd Version
  5. Sig P229 40 SW Recoil?

    I own a 226 in .40 Cal graduated from a 9MM Compact and I actually handle the .40 Cal Full Size much better and accurately. As long as you dont have shoulder or Wrist issue its no worse than anything else its just adjusting to it
  6. Andover vs Haverhill

    Haverhill is reasonably priced and you have access to Canoes and Fishing on the pond nearby as well as Camping on site. They also have a small kennel for dogs. Its well maintained by the members, they do have an Indoor range for non-jacketed ammo and .22 Cal. The Pistol Range is pretty decent...
  7. Let's see those target pictures - post 'em here

    25 yds with my SIG p226 using 135gr Hollow point Ammo
  8. GOAL, many P.D.'s and the CHSB are out of FA10s

    Please use this interim FA-10 form to record a firearms transaction pursuant to G.L. c. 140, §§ 128A and 128B. Please note, no alternate forms will be accepted. Over the past 6 months, CHSB has been developing a web-based firearms transaction application to allow for the electronic submission...
  9. Company Displays Controversial Message

    Already Purchased mine
  10. Company Displays Controversial Message

    (Apologize if already posted) Owner Says He Supports Military With 'You Will Be Shot' Sign POSTED: Monday, April 26, 2010 UPDATED: 7:47 am EDT April 27, 2010 Message On Van APOPKA, Fla. -- A company that sells high-powered weapons is displaying a controversial message on its vehicles...
  11. How would one respond to a physical altercation while carrying?

    This is why Open Carry rather than concealed makes for a better option especially at home ... hang it from your hip and you wont get no Lip (insert Sarcastic Tone to this message)
  12. Let's see those target pictures - post 'em here

    Using my new Sig P226 that I have never shot before until this. Yah it was a make shift target I only had 30 minutes to shoot and had no targets on me.... So figured not bad considering it was drawn in Ball Point Pen at 20 yards away
  13. FL - "Prankster" Shot, Killed By Off-Duty Officer

    Also didn't the Story State that The Officer got into his Patrol car so .. what sort of Thief would intentionally go up to a house with a Cop car in the front or Driveway and ring the bell and see if anyone were home?????
  14. Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Compact ~ Worth my Time?

    I owned the M&P 9C for my first gun and the trigger was horrible was in the area of 12lbs wife even tried it and couldn't pull the trigger with 1 finger Had a trigger job done brought it down to 4.5 and it was a comfortable shoot the 9mm had a lot of recoil on it its a top heavy gun but great...
  15. Where to buy M&P15-22

    I believe Four Seasons has 3 of them in stock .. $429 Cash
  16. Looking for a gunsmith in the Southcoast Mass Area

    Greg Derr in Marshfield ... excellent work reasonable price ..
  17. New Acquisitions For April 2010

    My New (semi Used) Sig Sauer P226R .40 S&W / .357 Sig .... More pictures to follow
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