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  1. WTS Surefire x300

    No one has followed through
  2. WTS Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Snow Tires

    Had to get a new vehicle last week and no longer need these snow tires for my old vehicle. For sale are (4) lightly used Bridge stone Blizzak DM-V2 snow tires. These have apx 15k miles on them with plenty of life left (see photos). Purchased a new vehicle last week and no longer need these...
  3. SOLD Hiking/Camping Gear

    Hello, I am posting this stuff for my father in law. He has kept this in storage bins and no longer has use for it. He used to run boy scouts and go on all sorts of trips and was gear from that time he has just laying around and no longer has a use for. All items are in very good condition and...
  4. WTS Surefire x300

    Still up for grabs
  5. WTS New Complete AR Upper

    Due to some unexpected bills it’s time to sell off some “extras”. I have a near complete brand new upper never even test fired. (Needs changing handle of your choice) Upper has been checked for headspace and good to go. I have built dozens of uppers for myself friends and family. This was just...
  6. WTS Surefire x300

    Still available
  7. WTS Surefire x300

    For grabs is a like new Surefire x300u A. This is the ultra model 1000 lumens. Zero signs of any were never taken to the range. Will come with all parts for mounting. Box not included. $220 No trades
  8. WTS Holosun 407k

    For grabs is a like new Holosun 407k. Wife didn’t care for a red dot on her carry gun. Used at the range once. Will come in the box with everything included. $200 obro located in Chelmsford No trades
  9. Whose going on a Buying Spree in Massachusetts? UPDATE POST #151

    Once again. Everything done at a state level could be insignificant overnight since the state sends liberal reps to DC that could enact a nation wide gun ban. You can preach about state level government all you want, the federal government will supersede that. NH was not immune to the ban in 94...
  10. Whose going on a Buying Spree in Massachusetts? UPDATE POST #151

    I’m the ignorant one? Haha sure….
  11. Whose going on a Buying Spree in Massachusetts? UPDATE POST #151

    I laugh at everyone who says NH. As if it’s not far behind. NH has voted democrat in every presidential race since 2000. They regularly have democratic reps in DC. The governor is the only republican really in the way of stopping anything and he’s not running for re election. In todays rabid...
  12. Hudson, Harvard or Both??

    At Harvard there is a rack of plates in one of the pits, there is a couple of small targets at the "back range" and a plate or two at the 100yd. I dont use the larger ranges so can comment on those. Oh there are some plates at one of the machine gun ranges. Most of the action pits are for DIY...
  13. New Acquisitions July 2023

    Went in for a transfer but walked out with this beauty, Sig 320 XFive DH3 @Minuteman Armament @RAGNOR ARMS
  14. WTS New Tracer Tactical Scout Chest Rig

    Still available. Will take Ammo trades 9mm or 556
  15. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    Welllllll I’m also supposed to report my out of state purchases for taxes …. 😂
  16. Granite State Indoor Gun Range and Gun Store

    The one in Dracut? I went there thought maybe I’ll rent a gun. Asked “can I see a list?” I was told, we don’t have one but that would be a good idea. You don’t know what you rent? What?! 😂
  17. WTT .

    Still up for grabs
  18. WTT .

    Still available
  19. IWI Tavor questions

    I mean the majority of HK firearms are polymer and are doing just fine. You aren’t smashing it off rocks intentionally and even if you did metal will bend and you’ll still be screwed
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